Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Race Divided - A World Apart - A Common Theme

It's pretty sad when you think about that not only are people worried about riots and mass killings that hang on a trial in one part of the world or the life of an old man who can't even breath on his own half a world away. But that both of these situations have a common theme that is completely ignored by an entire race is sadder still.

The simple fact that we need to worry about such things shows that those we are worried about in general just hate us.  There is no logic, no incidents that are all encompassing or even connected. Really it comes down to simple hatred and hatred of nothing more than skin color.

What is even more tragic is what the Western Europeans did to the Afrikaners and then after we were finished left them defenseless and at the mercy of this all encompassing hatred.

Mandela's Passing and the Looming Threat

These White men and women are suffering genocide in South Africa and it is ignored by Western Media and 99% of the cowardly White Americans who are afraid to even mention it.

I am forgiving in many ways. Yes I get frustrated when those who I know can see these issues as clearly as I refuse to chime in. The constant censorship in places that seem to get it but just can't pull up their big boy pants is also annoying. I realize I also take things a bit further than most and connect the dots to not only racial hatred but gender hatred as well, and so another step is taken by me where even angels fear to tread. Still I understand most people do not have the luxury of being able to say the things I do. I am debt free, have long been blacklisted off of any chance at a cushy job anyway so I have nothing to protect. I like to think I got to where I am because I wouldn't hold back but maybe it is the other way around.

Who knows?

My point is I do understand those who are afraid. Yet I must tell you living without fear and not caring about the consequences is the very essence of freedom.

Yes the Zimmerman case is connected and based on the same hatred but takes a different path because as we all know "politics make strange bedfellows".

Ain't No Body Gonna Like It

In eight hours in these places you never see a white face. People are not poor, not in the sense that anyone in India would recognize. Rather they are isolated, hopeless, their only contact with the outside world being television. The schools are terrible. Fully half of Detroit is illiterate, meaning that many of the rest of the city almost is.They blame all of this, they blame everything, on whites. While in the past they were right, their problem is no longer whitey, and neither is the cure, if there is one. This is why the endless racial programs do not work

 On the other hand, in the black sections hatred of whites is strong. It is not resentment or mere anger. It is hatred. Things are lousy, and it is Whitey who did it. Life is going nowhere in the ‘hood, people live meaninglessly and don’t know what to do about it. There are no jobs. On various occasions I have gone into a home in the ghetto in response to a police call, and found five grown men watching television all day.

 So we have that same hatred as the above writer has witnessed but we also have something different, empowerment and instigation.

The real problem is Whites are a race divided. I blame Feminism as the wedge that has separated us and many disagree but the wedge is there. It is also easy to see where the crack has divided us but like the hatred aimed towards us many will never acknowledge or even discuss this crack.

The final outcome is obvious, at least to me. Either we repair this crack or much more likely nature forces a repair of the crack. Or our grand children will be pictured in articles like the first link showed.

I am betting and working towards the repair outcome. Only the future will know for sure.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

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