Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Happy Perfect July 4th

Independence day means many things to us all. From the birth of our nation to a celebration of our freedoms and achievements. For myself it is also my own private ancestors day.

I try and remember them all of course, or at least names and place in the line. Some were lucky and lived quiet lives during times of peace and plenty. Others not so much. From the first one who stepped off the boat almost 400 years ago into the Indian massacres of Virginia "Laborer, wife and five children" through the one who answered the call to arms and served with the militia under Muhlenburg's brigade at Yorktown. The Senators, generals, Cavalry Regiments bearing our surname, schools, cemeteries, churches, towns and counties I try and run them all through my thoughts as I sit out front and watch the fireworks light up the night sky over the neighbor's and my own fields.

I thank the Lord he has allowed me to tend a small part of his world and especially a part that lies so close to the ones he allowed my ancestors to tend. For almost 200 years we have called this area home not simply residents living off the land but shepherds who tended flocks and laid down roots that went deep as the Lord always intended us to do.

The rockets were met in the sky by an impressive thunderstorm tonight and it's lightening and thunder answered each explosion in such a way that I at least was reminded that there is always a greater power above us.

A brief shower and a cool breeze to remind us that although bad times do come we also get to celebrate times like these when  it all balances out and nature works as intended.

I could never celebrate this day off at a fireworks show with large crowds. This day is one of attachment and a kind of Summer Thanksgiving. Watching the fireworks on the horizon over my gardens, the distant explosions rolling in and drowning out the night voices for a few brief seconds reminds you of just what home really is and what those who came before us had to do for us to keep it. The explosions are for their sacrifices and the peaceful sounds of night then filling in the gaps are their gifts to us.

To me the Fourth of July is not just a holiday of our Independence but a celebration of home and the land. A time to be thankful we are allowed to tend it and live with it.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. What you said.

    I wouldn't have believed we'd come to a time in this country where folks are wondering aloud whether we'll ever have another Independence Day.

  2. what a beautiful and touching post, PP! i like the way that you celebrate! and i really like your use of the word shepherd!

    your friend,

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  4. Another excellant post. Gods firework's are always the best and most brilliant. Glad you all had a blessed Independence Day


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