Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why are so Many Republicans Pro Amnesty?

I been giving this matter a little thought today. Actually I was hauling some manure this morning and well ya know Manure makes me think about Amnesty and most National politicians at the same time.

Anyway from about every possible angle you would think the Republicans would be against Amnesty no matter what. Surely they cannot possibly believe these new Hispanics are going to be voting for any Republicans.

There is only one explanation I always keep going back to. It's the same one I have had for years now and I believe it is the only thing that makes sense.

Without 11 to 30 million new workers social spending, mostly in social security and medicare are going to go belly up much sooner than what the politicians in Washington publicly admit.

Now will these new workers actually all get jobs, or even all pay for themselves? Well frankly I doubt it but doubting it isn't the same as knowing it no matter how likely it maybe. A doubt is still a chance where as the end of the ponzi scheme without a huge shot of new workers is a certainty.  Even the Republicans can see this.

Now those with backbone simply say fine let's end the spending and pull ourselves back up but to the long term RINOs that is as sure a death as doing nothing.

I don't think it's going to be long now.

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  1. Future voters, plus the influx of new citizens will mean a greater demand for housing, thus helping to prop up the failing housing market. It will also kick the can further down the road. From my experience with the Hispanic culture, it is very pro-family, hard-working, and religious. Sounds kinda like a republican to me, except for breaking the law by illegally entering the country, but who's to say that I wouldn't do the same thing for my family if it were reversed?

    1. K - here's an issue I noticed from my observations with several different Hispanic co-workers.

      Honestly I usually got along fine and had no issues with their work ethic or personality in general, as long as they weren't from Puerto Rico anyway. Yet here's the rub it was never just them. The ones who took a job worked hard but when you got to know them you soon discovered that they were simply the tip of the ice berg and that each carried a number of family member baggage with them that did indeed collect social welfare money of some type.

      The days of the migrant worker going back ended a few years ago. Now they send 5 or 6 non-workers for every 1 worker to stay.

  2. I scooped manure all morning, and to be honest, I was thinking about politics too. I am a Republican, or at least I was until so many of them bought a Democrat Halloween costume. I absolutely oppose amnesty to those who broke our laws to be here. The way I see it, we have a dying economy, and a culture in decline. My two eldest kids graduated from university with high honors and one did not find a job, any job for more than a year. One of them graduated with high honors in 2010 and still has no job. We can't employ American citizens, so why should we welcome and give away jobs to people who are not citizens and then provide 500K plus in social security and other benefits. I do agree that general immigration should be analyzed and adjusted, but I can't give consideration to people who are criminals. I do not oppose legal immigration and a specialized workers program for those who wish to be here for a limited period for employment purposes.
    Canada has it right. They will deport Americans who stay longer than 6 months, and if you are deported, you will never again be let in. They will not employ anyone foreign unless they have totally and completely exhausted the possibility of a Canadian doing that job.
    We need to lock up our Southern border once and for all.
    In conclusion, not all Republicans favor amnesty. I don't.

  3. Bottom line the Republicans are so desperate to win control again in D.C. that they will do anything for win. I have always voted Republican, but after the Demarcates won two back to back elections I tell folks I am a Conservative. I think the GOP has no clear leadership.

    We need to put our returning military from the Mideast on the boarder with shoot to kill orders. That will make them second guess coming over the fence or crossing the river. Not only Mexico but Canada too. How easy is it to cross from Canada to the U.S.?? I heard some areas you can just walk across unchallenged.

    1. Rob,
      I agree with you. I am a Conservative. No longer a Republican. I think that it probably is possible to cross into the US from a few places in Canada, but with 10% of the total population in Canada compared to what we have here, who would want to ? As a part-timer with a home in Canada, most of our Canadian friends feel sorry for me for living in a country they regard as politically insane.

    2. The problem is the Republicans are NOT doing anything for a win in DC. That is my point there is nothing they can do any longer. The only hope Republicans have at the White House now is if the Femocrats just don't show up. The breaking point was reached.

      The other choice is to go against Amnesty and then watch as we go broke.

      At this point they figure at least granting Amnesty keeps the money flowing (Which is debatable as well) so they will at least keep their own seats.

      Just my theory.

  4. How many issues do republicans go into their new office saying they support and then when they get into office they either ignore or do a compleat about face????

    Amnesty. Aboration. homosexual marriage. Spend less. Less government. Global warming/green energy..... The list could fill pages.

    If the migrant workers had to go back to their country of origin, maybe they would clean up their own leadership and we could clean up ours.

    1. Sadly you are right about that most of the time :(

  5. Scooping Manure always makes me think of politics. they go hand in hand ya know.

    I agree with my buddies K and Rob. They are in desperate need to gain control in D.C. so they are doing anything they can.
    K is right, hispanics are very pro everything. I speak from lots of personal experience with the culture.
    I believe the only reason they lean democrat is because they know if they do, they are garuaunteed a free ride in this country.

    1. My reply didn't got through I guess.

      I feel that although individually Hispanics do usually agree with traditional values they do bring a number of family members who use the services. Therefore those services and pay offs out weigh their own beliefs when it comes time to vote.

  6. Businesses want cheap labor, and as recently as W. Bush, they can be induced to vote Republican.


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