Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Reading - Foiled Again!!!

Well the big push weekend of weeding, hay cutting and honey harvesting was almost a complete success. Almost....

Everything was finished except for the last few loads of left over hay filled with sheep manure when out of nowhere came a thunderstorm this afternoon. I can't really complain about the storm too much. I had almost emptied my 100 gallon tanks of rain water and they needed a refill and the weeds that remain were becoming hard to pull due to the ground getting so dry. Problem is it will now take another couple of days before I can get the wheelbarrow into the last few places needed due to the mud. Also now it looks like mowing is going to have to jump to the front of the line tomorrow if it dries up enough. Had the rain held off I could have pushed the mowing back a few days and finished the mulching. Not gonna happen now.

I scrambled as the wind picked up and the first few drops were hitting to get the extractor cleaned up and just threw the decapping tank into the shed. I try and leave my honey harvesting equipment out a day or so after a run for the girls to clean up but that isn't in the cards this time.

Today was just a quick mini-run. I was completely out of honey and have been for a couple of months and people have been driving me crazy wanting me to get some bottled up, not to mention the son's allergies have gotten worse again without his natural honey infusion. Honestly I am still a bit afraid to take very much and I only have two hives that have built back up enough that I feel comfortable taking any of their stores. I did manage to remove eight frames, well really seven and a half as one frame hadn't been built up much on one side. All together I got about two and a half gallons of honey harvested which should keep everyone happy for a month or so.

If these rains keep up the Dutch clover should soon regain most of the ground it lost from last year. A heavy crop of Dutch Clover pretty much assures a good amount of honey for my hives. The girls don't seem to go for it first but once the really hot weather hits and nothing else is blooming they are all over it.

The zucchini and squash are now producing and I should have the second picking this evening after the rains go by along with more ripe tomatoes.

I fear my bush beans have been over run with weeds and will never be seen again though. I am pretty sure the damned bindweed has pretty much choked them out at this point.

On the plus side my son's new computer should be arriving tomorrow so after a shake down time I will be able to upgrade my old system and hopefully be able to edit and post pictures once again.

It will give me something to work on while I let things dry out around here once again.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. We have had some much rain the last two days we have standing water in the low areas of the yard. I have not been near the farm fields in a few days to see how the crops are doing. Honey sounds great next week I'll pick some up for use now and storage. have a great week.

    1. Rob - You have a great week as well!!!

      It isn't ground water wet here anymore. I still had a little water left in some deep ruts around the place but it was drying up fast until today.

      We should be heading into the dry period now. The question is will I be able to catch up?

  2. You certainly stay busy. Hoping the weather works in your favor.

    1. Eileen - It never does :)

      Having to mow all the properties will set me back at least two days which is why I was hoping we wouldn't get any rain today.

      Ah well. Plenty of other stuff to work on.

  3. I really enjoy news of the girls. Think I'll go and dip a spoon in a honey jar.

    1. Stephen - This batch had a few frames that were really dark honey as well. I am eager to taste test it.

  4. PP,

    I hope the rain stops, giving you time to cut the grass and get all those weeds out of your garden.

    Honey........................................... YUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sandy - They are saying scattered thunderstorms the next two days. We will see Scattered usually means nothing this time of year but ya never know. Much better than last year though!!!!


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