Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Observations and Crumbling Infrastructure

Today was trap checking and errand day. I also wanted to get a load of wood chips but by the time I made it out of the grocery store the temps were pushing 95 degrees and there was no way the frozen stuff was going to last long enough for me to hand shovel a load of chips.

Maybe it was just me but I am finding it really hard to swallow this latest go around proclaiming consumer spending is up and the economy is looking good. It seems like every time I go into town I am seeing less and less economic activity and a lot more bored store clerks. I know it's hard to get a feel for the National economy when all you got is local observations but what I see isn't equaling what they are reporting.

Except for GDP being revised down of course.

Slower US Growth might lead Fed to Delay tapering....

Ya, what did I tell you?

No way we are every going to see the end of QE until some external force flips the switch and stops the ride.

Another interesting observation over the last few days I have made is a return of articles dealing with crumbling infra-structure.

Many of you may not remember but three years ago or so the articles dealing with aging pipes, decaying streets and bridges falling down were so numerous I had a section of links for them almost everyday. Then suddenly these articles kinda started becoming fewer and fewer.

Water Prices Heading Up as Pipes Reach End of Days

Wonder if stories like this one are going to continue to grow? My bet is they have been growing just haven't been as interesting as they were a few years ago. Perhaps another round now?

All this while Obummer continues down the path of reduced coal use and "skyrocketing electricity bills".

The news of the SCOTUS throwing marriage out the window hit me with a curious sensation I sometimes get every once in a while. Who cares? I mean really looking at all the fraud and money that is going to be wasted by this move is like watching someone you really don't like sawing a branch off from the tree and they are on the wrong side. Sometimes I just kinda feel the more ludicrous stuff like this they do the sooner this whole tragicomedy will be over with.  Once amnesty is in place we are doomed regardless and it maybe too late as it is.

It's the new Galtism I spoke of weeks ago coming back to me. Just hide yourself away and let em get this thing over with.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I think it varies depending on where you are. The economy is moving along reasonably well here, but central NC has done well for a while because it is a low cost provider for U.S. college educated operations. To some degree we do well because of the continuing global wage arbitrage that has pushed into the white collar type jobs.

    I think overtime has been trending up, which is always a good sign. On the other hand, I think I have seen that some of it is also driven by consumer lending.

    Their are cycles within cycles of a complex economy, so even a generally downward trend can have upswings. We'll see, I guess.

  2. PP,

    I have to agree with you regarding the economy. We have places boarded up in town too. Even the grocery shelves are looking peaked on certain items. Our government keeps saying unemployment numbers are getting better.....that is B.S. The reason the numbers are going down, people are no longer collecting unemployment and can't find jobs to pay their bills and feed their families.
    If I continue to type about this my blood will start to boil, and I'm suppose to be relaxing.

    Has anyone seen John Galt? (I loved both movies, waiting for the next to come out).

  3. I have noticed the next town east of us has lost their grocery store sometime over the last few years. Up in Buffalo, Mn they have had 2 car dealerships close. Have not seen any other big changes.

    Here in MN they are always working on the roads/bridges. The state seems to lay a ton of salt for every inch of snow on the ground. MN does a lot of asphalt patching every year on the county roads and state highways to keep it some what drive able.


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