Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tick Tick Tick

Every day the divide within America continues to grow. I have seen more articles and comments embracing the idea and many converts who now realize it will eventually come to a parting of ways.

On one hand I am not yet completely convinced we will actually make it to a final line of division on political matters. Certainly if things continue down the path they are taking it will. Those of us in the Red States have switched our allegiance of legitimate government to our counties and State governments exclusively as they attempt to protect us from the Federal tyranny. Only to see those actions attacked and defeated in the Federal activist courts but we now know who is on our side.

We must watch Colorado, California and to a lesser extend New York carefully. The violation of God given Constitutional rights is strongest in those states. They are Blue States but have a decidedly Conservative landmass held in thrall by the Urban enclaves. As yet I have seen no real instances of LEO raids or any actual moves to take anything from the citizens trapped in those States. It is possible I have missed some and I have seen a few that appeared to be going down those lines but then had other issues that brought some questions into play.

While the overall eventuality is sinking in to many people there are still other storms that continue to brew. The economy is still in the lead for being the most pressing and imminent danger we face. An economic breakdown would severely limit the Federal governments ability to act and may even bring a more peaceful defacto divide with it.

Either way it is easy to see the notion of a disconnect between Red and Blue is growing. Take articles like this one.

Single Party Rule at State Level is Dividing America 

The article isn't the crux as much as the comments are. They show a disconnect is brewing. There was a similar article over at American Thinker recently with the same type of comments.

Under the circumstances there is little we preppers can do but continue to work towards the most sustainable living and food production we possibly can. We must protect ourselves but we also must realize we may be called on to help support those who would defend our way of life as well and we MUST be prepared to do that. One way or another we cannot prep just for ourselves but must keep an eye to what comes after just as much as during.

I believe the recent IRS scandal and other illegal activities along with the complete and happy acceptance by the followers of the Left that illegally targeting Conservatives is just and proper clearly shows we are already in a state of division and hatred so deep no reconciliation is possible.

I also believe a huge share of Conservatives have already lost all faith and trust in the Federal government but it will take a bit more time to filter up to the local and State governments.

The real question is will the whole house of cards remain in place long enough for the politics to bring it down or will something else beat em to it? One way will make it easier than another.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Amen, Brother, preach it. Well done.

  2. I'm not sure what you mean by "actual moves" and "other issues" in the 3rd paragraph.

    Man, I went back and reread that paragraph several times trying to make sure I didn't yank something out of context, but I just don't get it.

    They are actively confiscating weapons in those states, as we speak, as in going to certain homes and collecting weapons. I've seen the reports in California, and I believe in New York. A raid by any other name is still a raid. Just because it's small in scope and no one has been hurt yet doesn't change the fact that it's a raid. I'm fairly certain that TJIC (blogger) up in Mass, felt he got raided when they showed up and got his weapons.

    They are simply starting small by illegally cross-connecting certain "HIPPA" medical information with the CCW permit database. It's small, but it's an actual move.

    Even this week, I am seeing the definitions of certain mental problems being expanded to where it includes just about everyone. Once again it's a small but definite step.

    That's one aspect, physically going after certain individuals by showing up at their homes.

    Here's the flip side, making the people do your dirty work for you, same result in the end.

    Passing laws that ban certain weapons or certain magazine capacities in order to coerce people into turning said items in is the same effect as going house to house, only smarter because you now have the people that they are out to get doing their dirty work for them (just as in Australia and Britian). Brilliant.

    Passing these laws ARE actual moves against those citizens trapped in those states. It's why so many gun manufacturers bailed out recently. They considered those laws actual moves against them. They just aren't as trapped as the individual citizens are generally speaking.

    I don't normally disagree with you, so feel free to correct me.

    1. Allow me to clarify one thing.

      The blogger, TJIC, did not have his home raided and weapons seized due to a "mental issue". It was due to statements he made.

    2. Matt - I welcome disagreement and as I said it was totally possible I have been missing you are bringing forth. I had only heard or read about a couple of instances the one that they then put out was a mental illness thing and one in California involving student loans I believe. Not a thing about them going after guns and someone saying NO.

      Or yesterday I read about the guy who had his CC permit yanked after his son got in trouble.

      Yes I agree also they are attempting to do this the nefarious and insidious way as usual.

      I guess what I was really getting at is no one is really fighting back yet. These people trapped in these states should be fighting back or voting with their feet.

  3. Most of our State & local politicians stand firmly on the pro-Rights side of things, so far - but not all.

    Preach on, sir, preach on!

    1. RP - As do the ones here but as I said they try but the activist courts shoot em down. How long until they as a whole reach the same point as me?

  4. North Carolina is becoming a prime example. Most people are in the mushy middle but the two parties are ruling more and more from the edges. At the moment the Republicans are in charge, and what a mess. What frustrates me most with the Repubs. is that they all talk about how they love Ronald Reagan, and then get into office and add all sorts of regulations: regulations that help their supporters.

    Of course that isn't what aggravates the typical Democrat, but it annoys me.

    1. The republican deal about scrubbing business friend's backs is annoying. Although around here a large number of the regulations are an attempt to cut off liberals before they can write their own. The ONLY reason I swing republican is they usually leave my individual rights alone and are slightly better at protecting my property rights to a point.

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