Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Garden is Finished - Day 3

It pretty much took three whole days but the garden is now all planted. It is amazing how much time it actually takes to lay out all the poles and trellises. Drive your stakes and run your guide line for each variety of seed. Make raised rows, or trenches, Fiddle with this line, even that line out, fit this in etc. etc. etc. It takes much more time than you think going in. The sunburn gives you that warm after evening glowing feelings as well.

Next I had to stop and check out the last section which had a number of volunteer sunflowers already sprouted. I transplanted the volunteers to various row ends then tilled that section up and put in some very widely spaced rows of.... wait for it.... Sunflowers. Talk about redundancy :)

Really I wanted to save the volunteers and the new rows I put in are way too wide I just put them in for the bees and finches. What I really have in mind for that section is hauling in a few more loads of horse manure and some pond dirt I plan on dredging out. I figure if I burn up a Sunflower or two I won't be upset.

I have one last section that is empty but tilled up which will be for my tobacco seedlings. I need to go purchase four more tomato plants because I made more row space than I had tomatoes. Not a big deal I usually like to shop for a variety I don't have anyway so I count what I have then round up when I make the rows and and place the trellis posts.

Some of the areas I tilled when the ground was still too wet is showing why you shouldn't do that. The wet clumps have hardened into dirt cannon balls. I had to go over a few sections again to break them apart.

Since I was outside gardening all day I haven't a clue what has happened in the world. We could have had a collapse and I never would have known it!!! I suspect we didn't since I think it would have been all over before I sat down to write this up. The rains are suppose to start again tomorrow and I am waaaaaay behind on the mowing now due to the garden planting.

It just never ends.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. I am so sore from gardening that I can barely wiggle...bahahaha...It is never ending this time of year.

  2. I was going to do beans, but for some reason did onions instead. Don't know why. I had a little luck with them, and they took up to much space in the area where I would have put in the beans. I guess it is still not too late.


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