Saturday, May 25, 2013

Swarm Two and Now Three

We had a little rain this morning but by late afternoon I was able to get into the trap that the second swarm had moved into. They had built a fair amount of comb off the inside of the cover already but luckily had not begun filling it with anything yet nor laid any eggs there. I removed the free comb and gave them three full frames of drawn comb I had in my stash to make up for it.

All in all it is a pretty small swarm. I figured it had to be since it moved into such a small box. I will give them another day or two to calm down and then move them into a larger nuc box that I can put a feeder on and hope they build up enough to survive by Winter.

At some point a swarm did finally move into my trap out by the West apiary or at least I am pretty sure they did. I counted enough bees coming and going that I am sure there must be a swarm in there but at this point I am wondering if it isn't a small one as well. We will see tomorrow I guess as I plan on getting it and moving it up to the garden apiary tonight.

The Northern traps were covered with scout bees this evening which is the first I have seen them being checked out this year so hopefully I will have another swarm or two to hive soon. At that point I will more than likely need to start putting together some more brood chambers.

My bet is June is going to be a beeesy month for me.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Busy as a bee I see!!!!

    Have a great evening.

  2. Hey um.....I want my trout back!!!

  3. wow - you really know your beez!! hope you get another good swarm or two soon - i find this fascinating...

    you really should give sandy her trout back...i'll try to get on the water in the next couple of days for more ;-)



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