Monday, May 27, 2013

Still Fighting the Rain

It's been over a week now since things dried up enough for a few days to get any real work done involving dirt. The one dry day we had when tilling was almost possible I was of course forced to spend mowing so things are running pretty normal right about now. Even last year before the rains stopped for good it was the same. As soon as the grass dries mow again and then maybe get a row weeded in the garden or if I am really lucky a row or small square of clippings put down before the next storm front moves through. Every other day the yard turns into a mass of mini lakes and puddles.

I think it rained at least some every day this weekend and positively poured down today completely shutting down any garden work. What I need is a zap laser I can stand at the edge with and shoot individual weeds since if I go in to pull or dig em out I won't return with my shoes on.

Everything appears to have come up pretty good so far except my corn but the rabbits are doing a real number on some of the defenseless plants. In fact I believe that is also why my corn sprouting was so poor this year as I am now pretty convinced the Rabbit varmint-cong are eating them down as soon as they sprout. I was hoping if I gave them a bit more time they would find something else to chew on but the little vermin do not seem to be cooperating. I am close to another airgun hunt I think.

I have another tomato plant and a few water melon replacements to get in the ground to fill the spots the rabbits have destroyed but for now they are waiting in pots on the deck. Cistern cover work was also stopped as the rain began pouring this morning as I was cutting up the steel reinforcement piece for the concrete. I finally gave up on outside work completely and moved to straightening out the shop. Ya I know how exciting.

So since the shift from the cooler than normal temps things have gotten back on track into another typical wet late Missouri Spring. The cold temps earlier ruined the apple blooming so no little apples for me this year. The pears never set either and the few apricots and peaches that came in have been knocked off by the high winds as well. The peach trees especially have been taking a beating and lost a large amount of new growth from wind damage. They are also weeping a large amount of sap from the little damaged areas which I am not sure is normal or not. No trunk damage as I have them tied out pretty good but each little stem that breaks begins weeping the sap into pretty good sized little globs and I am not sure what to do about it or if anything needs to be done about it.

Anyway it will be like this for a few more weeks until the storms calm down a bit about Mid-June then I will be playing catch up until July. I just hope the rains only slow down this year and not end abruptly like they did last year.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. PP, Oh I so hear you on the rain, we're expecting more tonight and severe weather into tomorrow through Thursday.

    I know you would have to do this after each rain but spreading cayenne pepper or blood meal may help deter these little critters from eating your corn (spread it around the base).

    Next we will have to worry about the extreme summer heat on the garden.

    1. Yep More rain here today as well. Seems to have blown by now but more scattered storms are predicted although the sun is shining off and on now. Climbing to almost 90 with high humidity. I already called the wife and asked her if she wouldn't mind staying in town tonight at a hotel so we wouldn't have to put up with her "I'm hot crankiness" :)

  2. Once again, I'm reminded how much I don't miss the Midwest's summer storms, heat, or droughts. Sandy's suggestion about the cayenne pepper is a good one, FWIW.

    1. RP - Ya I forget during the Winter just how many days are like this each Spring and how hectic and frustrating it is to try and plant/mow around these storms.

  3. Sandy and RP - I also may have found the perfect solution while researching my peach tree problem. Too soon to say as I just ordered it last night but if it works as well as reported those ants maybe cursing me next week.


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