Monday, May 20, 2013

Moving Forward and the Last Day of the Pride

We survived the storms blowing up from Sandy's place   thankfully without incident. I ended up staying awake until the really red looking parts of the storm had passed us on the radar last night. Some impressive lightening, wind and rain was all we got. We ended up getting about 2 inches or more of rain that really refilled our almost depleted rain barrels. I went out this morning and used the rain barrels to replenish the storage tub/pool in the garden as well. With what we have already on the ground and now the tub refilled with possibly more on the way we are good for at least a week which should give me enough time to get the cistern hand pump project finished or at least well under way.

This rain will do wonders for breaking up the plowed chunks out in the new orchard and hayfield addition. The plan there is to finish the disc'ing and sowing the grass seed this coming holiday weekend. The orchard part will take a bit more work and I would really like to finish it off with a wood chip covering but that may not be practical if I cannot find the chips. I may have to be content with heavily mulching around the individual trees after I till the area and get them into the ground. Whatever the final decision ends up being I have a few weeks for the prep work while I wait for the very cheap fruit tree discounts we usually see around the end of June. Waiting till June last year saved us a bunch of serious money on fruit trees and with a little care and extra effort in planting they all survived the drought and heat very well.

Once the orchard is finished I will be totally done with the sustainable plant side of Small-Hold production. Oh there will still be some raised beds added and I am sure some more strawberries or other fruits/veggies here and there but the major projects will be completed. Then I will start on the live stock side of things which will begin with the Mrs. Menagerie/cat-house construction.

Speaking of Mrs. PP's softspot for stray animals. Today is the last day the full pride of yellow tabby kittens will be intact. They reached eight weeks this weekend and two of the new owners wish to take delivery tomorrow. They are going to good homes but I know the Mrs. is going to be sad to see them go. She has been almost as good a mommy to those little varmints as their own mother cat. We managed to protect them from predators and getting stepped on but the last week or so has been a real challenge as you never know where they are going to be scattered about when you go to find them. They also have taken to leaving the barn area when ever they hear me out working and exposing themselves to aerial assault. We lock them all up in a big kennel pen every night and let me tell you when you let them out in the morning you will know what it feels like to be a kitten hero. They positively climb your leg in appreciation when being freed. The Mrs. has been diligent in getting them ready and keeping their litter box clean. They are sociable and as ready as they will ever be for the world out there. 

I am pretty sure the mommy cat is ready to see her duties completed as well :)

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I'm glad you survived the storms. Now the Mrs. must survive the Kitty Diaspora.

  2. PioneerP - oh buddy - i am so glad that you survived those storms - holy moly - we have seen some of the footage and it is awful! but we are glad that you are safe! and congrats on the water haul - that's awesome! i wish i was closer to you guys - i would take all the kittens!

    your friend,

  3. We have been getting rain here in MN daily. I have seen the Mississippi River,Crow River and some creeks here that are way up. We could see some flash flooding with each new rain storm.

  4. Glad you are safe. We are getting ready for severe storms today.

  5. PP,

    Thank God you and yours are okay after the storms. It must have been those ruby slippers :-)

    Great haul on water my friend!!!

    Love the kitty pictures.


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