Thursday, March 14, 2013

Warming Up!!!

Finally seeing some real warming up action. By midday the Sun was mostly out and a light breeze out of the South more or less warmed us up into the middle to upper 60's. Very pleasant for a change. Tomorrow is suppose to be nice as well but they have once again changed the weekend forecast to rain and only the 40's for highs so it looks like the girls will be balling up for a few days once again. This thing isn't over yet.

I am pretty sure the last remaining single chamber hives did die out at this point. They showed very little activity today and I am not sure what little I saw wasn't simply foragers going in there and looting a bit. I seriously thought about opening them up but then didn't. If they are dead out there isn't anything I can do about it anyway and if they are struggling opening them up right now may finish them off. With the night time temps I am not worried about pests getting in there yet and if the other hives are foraging some resources from the dead outs well that's more reason to leave them there.

All is not lost though. The remaining four hives appeared very strong indeed and that includes the last remaining swarm I captured last Summer. Namely Croatoa colony. I think that it being the sole survivor of last years swarm heavy year is kinda mildly ironic in a way. It also was the only hive that actually did any building up last Summer as well. I added the second brood super to it in late August I think. It was also a very aggressive hive and robbed at least two other nucs and swarms as well.

Whatever the case this hive was positively abuzz this afternoon and bringing in copious amounts of fiery red pollen. As a matter of fact all four hives were bringing in pollen this afternoon and seemed much more interested in collecting pollen then hitting the feeders today.

Another good week or so of weather warm enough to allow the girls to forage and I will begin placing swarm traps once again. I do not have much hope of them building up or having the excess to swarm right now but you never know.

Just came in for a quick update post now it's back to work clearing a brush and junk pile.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

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  1. Croatoa the possible final destination of the original Lost Colony of Roanoke. Yes that is ironic.


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