Friday, March 15, 2013

Time to Take Note - Are Things Heating Up?

Not only was I able to get out and do some brush and junk busting yesterday I have now finished clearing out the other half of my storage shed and measured for the shelves I am going to build in there. This extra storage space for stuff, including bee supers, canning jars and other seasonal items will make a world of difference and should allow me to begin work on the property in town so we can get out from under that tax liability and insurance payment.

I just wish I had a good way of keeping the damned mud dubbers out of the place. I really hate those things.

Wow it feels good to be getting stuff done again. Between the cold spells and snow cover I was going stir crazy, getting lazy and putting on weight, not to mention getting into a video game/movie funk. Mostly too cold to work in the shop and all the stuff I needed to remove from the brush area was frozen to the ground or under two foot of snow.

But I made up for a big chunk of all that today.

I also went out to the shop and am about to finish putting the final touches on all the reloading projects I had been working on when temperatures permitted this Winter. Not going into specifics there but once the temperatures start climbing I mostly switch to building projects and store all my powder in a cool, dry location for Summer.

The only reloading I do during the hot months usually is procurement of more components and such but it's all there if the need arises for some serious storage production.

Speaking of serious have any of you come across this article?

Detroiters Pledge Uprising During State Takeover

I been tellin ya, these city bred, entitlement, Liberal/Feminist, Democrat peons are not going to take any decrease in the money flow kindly. They have been roused up to the righteous perpetual victim status and handed everything for far too long.

Wouldn't it be interesting if armed rebellion started from the left instead of from us Prepper/Patriots everyone is so afraid of? Not that I haven't always thought it was going to start in the cities anyway but this would not only be in a city but an obvious left point of origin as well.

Interesting times indeed.

The general volume and anger from both the left and the right seems to be growing and heating up as the temperatures do across the Nation as well. I still think we came close to an explosion last Summer and all that stopped it was the election and hope in that direction. Not sure if there will be a pressure release valve for this Summer.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. If insurrection does begin in Detroit, I already expect that the left-stream media will dutifully report that it was Tea Party folks who are doing it.

    Of course there won't be any proof; that's not their purpose these days.

    1. RP - I am quite sure you are correct. Looks like they appointed a Black guy. This should prove interesting.

  2. The comments on that article were... interesting. Detroit makes me embarrassed to be living in MI.

    1. Xa Lynn - I remember MI as a pretty fun place. A little whimpy in putting up with Summer heat. I spent a bit of time up in Lake Houghton area and flew into Detroit many times. Even back then you could see things getting bad in Detroit.

  3. The Anarchists/Marxists were once the great bomb throwers. I don't think the originals were particularly entitlement minded, but that is certainly the way it went.

    1. Russ - I don't know much about anarchists but I think the Marxist did have entitlement on their minds from day one, or if they didn't they figured out real fast it was the easiest way to break down their intended target.

  4. glad you are getting a lot done, it snowed here - you sent it back successfully ;-)

    i don't blame detroit for feeling that way, aside from gary indiana, it is one of the most abandoned places in your country... that HAS to suck.

    1. Jamby...Jamby...Jamby... Shaking head...

      Detroit wasn't abandoned. It was fled from in terror. They got what they wanted and it turned out just the way they were told it would be. Now what they want is just money from every where else to pay their way.

      They don't want to make the cuts or do the work that is necessary. Only complain about how they are victims.


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