Thursday, February 28, 2013

VAWA - Back Door Tyranny and Gun Control

It looks like now the RINO Republican establishment is really starting to feel the heat and showing their true colors of being Feminist bitches and pushing for VAWA to pass. Threatening other "Tea-Party Republican Representatives" and such.

This bill is nothing but Feminist tyranny. A cash cow for wealth redistribution and filled with Non-Constitutional laws, biased legislation and Gun Control restrictions. Every Patriot out there should be completely up in arms over this legislation and yet I hear very little about it within the Patriot/Prepper community.

I can only assume since most preppers and patriots lead a quiet life and try to stay out of the way of most things that the real atrocities VAWA enacts normally do not effect us, so therefore we as a whole are unaware of them. Aside from this legislation that hand delivers billions of dollars into the social engineering and domestic violence industry fraud machine it also flat out violates the individual and civil rights of millions of men.

Under this act the mere accusation of a domestic violence charge or restraining order/Ex Parte will automatically deny a man of his Second Amendment rights without a trial. A conviction using criteria that is radically different than actual assault laws and ignores self defense actions will remove all rights of gun ownership of the man so convicted. Confiscation of firearms has also happened after a simple accusation sometimes taking years (if ever) for the confiscated guns to be returned.

Keep in mind VAWA makes it mandatory that all requests for restraining orders be automatically given as if the person accused was guilty before proven innocent. Think this can't happen to a law abiding citizen? My own divorce which happened over 10 years ago was begun by a restraining order which the lawyer and several others since, admitted was simply standard operations for initiating a divorce. The ex never even bothered to show up for the Restraining order hearing because they knew it was bogus but it wasn't about that it was about gaining an immediate advantage. For years afterwards I was flagged as a wait whenever I purchased a firearm even though I had never been convicted of any domestic violence charge or anything other than a traffic violation.

Perhaps the fact that VAWA has at least come under scrutiny and has not passed as automatically this time as it has in previous years should give me something to be hopeful about.

My concern against this legislation isn't necessarily for my own self these days. I am way past the danger period of these laws and the wife stands to lose as much as I do in any games of this nature besides being too honest a person for those type of games. It's the young men who fall astray and have their rights removed due to tyrannical laws such as these. By attacking the rights of younger men they hope to keep the rest of us in the dark and we shouldn't allow it.

Let your Representatives know you are against this Non-Constitutional legislation.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Your post reminds me of the guy (Thomas James Ball) who set himself on fire in despair and in protest over child custody issues - another lunatic asylum.

    1. Child custody and support is tied in with VAWA of course. And Ball was not the first nor the last to take his own life in protest of family law. Most that do are not reported on.

      The real problem is Men really. Too many of us just let this crap slide by saying "it can;t happen to me" The list of guys I have heard say that and then eat those words is long indeed.

      Almost as long as the list of women who swear they aren't like that. Once they see the advantage they quickly become like that.

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