Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It Won't Stop Snowing

It just keeps right on snowing on us. The paved roads are all clear and since the crews didn't use much salt over the Winter before this they are liberally putting it on the roads. The temps are getting above freezing at least for a bit everyday which allows some melting but it still just keeps snowing. Putting a fine dusting on top of the packed down icy stuff and making it super slick.

All day long we had light snow and once again I was out shoveling the snow from the road that the crews keep putting right back into my driveway. Even when I trow the stuff I remove into my yard they bring more in from down the road.

Long range forecast is saying we are suppose to be back up into the 60's next week but until then everything is covered in piles of snow. I haven't seen piles this big since I lived in Germany or Wisconsin. The snowmeggedon of two years ago had more snow at one time but as usual with snow around here it melted pretty quick afterwards. We still have snow left from last week under all this new stuff.

The mini power outtages have dropped off to nothing now although I hear several people around the area are still totally without power. We now have some fairly well worn in paths in the snow to get around the Small-Hold without busting out through the deep stuff. I keep venturing out to make sure the hive entrances are open but other than the three big hives were I can hear buzzing inside I still have no clue how the smaller colonies are doing. I guess I won't know until it warms up.

Other than digging out and keeping warm things are pretty much at a standstill for any outside work now. I can't even see the raised beds under the snow anyway. The inside seedlings are coming up, even the peppers came up much quicker this year than last and tomorrow I need to thin them out and transplant the thinned ones that I can save. The Kale seedlings didn't fare as well as the cat kept knocking the little clear top off the tray in his attempt to take over their sunny spot, either that or my seeds were getting a bit too old. Not a big deal as I will just buy some plants around the end of March anyway. Had I really wanted to I could have attempted another round but the snow kinda got my mind off the seedlings for a bit.

I was getting sick of Winter as it was and really hoping for Spring and then this mess hits us. Now I am positively tearing my hair out for warmer temps.

Go away snow!!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. LOL, I agree!!!

    Snow go away, Spring hurry up and get here!!!

    1. Sandy - They are saying we won't see the sun until a bit this weekend and it won't warm up until Next week.

      I hope it comes earlier.

  2. I think some how and some way, perhaps even in another life, you must of ticked off Mother Nature...and she is playing a cruel joke by winding up the constant snow machine. j/k

    I hope you guys dig out soon, and it stops for you. I have lots of friends in the midwest and they are all saying the same thing...

    1. JUGM - Hell I prolly dated her, that would explain it lol.


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