Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Digging Out AGAIN!!!

This is the type of snow that will really try your endurance. Last weeks blizzard was a dry, cold icy snow mixed with a lot of sleet and freezing rain. A pain in the butt for the road crews and the top crust with the dry fluffy underside was a real chore to shovel but it was easier to get around in than the mess we got last night.

The news is claiming we got around 8 inches but I am sure the accumulation went above 12 inches around the Small-Hold. Some of the wettest, thickest snow I can ever remember. This storm came at us from the South and about 20 miles or so East of us it appeared on the radar as mostly rain while we got Thundersnow once again. At some point this morning the rain part of the storm front split off and continued NorthEast while the snow part headed NorthWest and is now looping back around and hitting us again this time from the West. The Internet weather people are claiming we won't get much but we have gotten at least another half inch in the last few minutes so who knows?

Did I mention wet? This stuff is melting fast off the paved roads but on the gravel side roads forget it. It just rolls itself up like a huge snowman and packs in so thick and slick you will get high centered and stuck even on flat ground. I found this out the hard way as I once again made the trip to clear the bee hive entrance ways this morning. Luckily I carry a shovel with me everywhere I go in the farm truck.

It is so deep even the neighbors attack Pyrenees didn't come off their porch at my appearance this morning. 

After blading and digging out the drive way to where I hope the Mrs. can get out in the morning I noticed a plow had done a number on my mailbox. More than likely it was just the simple weight of the snow hitting it and not the actual blade. Again I am used to that and had purchased a mailbox that gives way rather than breaks. It also reduces the mailbox baseball damage as well :)

Starting last night about 11:30 the power began flickering out as the tree limbs became so weighted down they began to break and fall on the lines. There are downed trees everywhere so Summer and Fall cutting should be easy again this year. I may have a number of friends and acquaintances wanting tree removal soon as well. I never turn down free wood. The power outtages have not been long here barely lasting a few seconds with one or two long enough to reset the alarm clock, turn off the computer or cause the outside dusk till dawn light to shut off but the internet has been going out often. So far I have not had to start up the generator or hook the furnace blower up to the batteries. So far.... My mother and step father down the road however were forced to run their generator last night and had to make a run for more fuel this morning.

The wet snow has now permeated the drier stuff that was already left on the ground and melded itself into one deep, wet snow covering.

So far as usual all my preps are working out well and we have stayed warm and dry with plenty of everything. The Mrs. still complains about me taking her keys last night though. Something about being a controlling bastard and all. I just smile and say that's nice dear. She really loves that :)

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. That kind of snow's the worst; we rarely get wet snow up here, but I remember it well from four decades in Missouri.

    Glad y'all are okay.

    1. Usually I love the snow but not this year it is just too much and too late in the year for this crap. Especially this year.

  2. crap PP - you guys really are getting it this winter! no worries though buddy, jamby is on the atv and is getting close to the nova scotia/new brunswick border. give him another 8 days or so and he'll be there to help out - bahahahaha! glad to hear that haven't lost your power for long and chin up buddy - spring's just around the corner!

    your friend,

    1. Spring can't get here fast enough this year.

      Tell Jamby to bring a couple of earth movers with him :)

  3. I remember wet snow from CT. it was horrible! so I feel for you. Good Luck digging out.

    1. We;ll make it. Just nerve wracking this year. I really needed an early Spring this year and I thought we were going to get one until this :(


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