Saturday, February 23, 2013

Politics of the Tribe - VAWA (Violence Against White -men- Always

So the Senate has forced the bogus Violence Against Women Act through with numbers something like 77 to 22. I know Cafeteria Claire surely voted for this biased, pork laden wealth redistribution and female employment legislation. My bet is after the hits Mr. Akin took this last fall Senator Blunt voted for it as well.

So now that the Leftist/Feminist have proclaimed loudly to everyone that women are capable to enter combat and just as good as men in a combat situation why is it we still need the VAWA act and all the funding for rape centers and social spending that comes with it again?

I think the Left is a bit confused here. Or maybe as I been pointing out VAWA has little to nothing to do with protecting anyone as much as it has to do with money. Think about it.

From what I have read there is a bit of a glitch between what the House wants to pass and what the Senate wants and some hang up with Non-Ameri-Indians living on tribal lands where the Fed has no jurisdiction and they want it bad. The Ameri-Indians are reluctant to allow this Feminist toe hold into the reservations. A sensible attitude I think. The left is trying to portray it as the Ameri-Indians wanting more leeway to prosecute so called abusers but I am not sure that is the whole story at this point.

In the end the stubbornness of the Ameri-Indian patriarchy isn't going to help us White men living in Femi-nazi land much but I applaud their backbone. Then again none of the other races have ever been slaves to their women quite like us ice monkeys of the North and it shows.

As Greg over at The American Energy Crisis mentioned today. The Left would be nowhere or dead without the backing of the Feminist.

It just doesn't get any clearer than that.

As I mentioned over there Feminism is the center of this entire mess and the ultimate reason this will end in collapse of our civilization, society and Nation. The Right talking heads see it but cannot name it by name so they call it "Low Information Voters". The Republican shills see it but refuse to accept it and continue to court the allies of the Feminist in hopes to stop it. The White Skin heads only see race and refuse to look at the handlers behind the minorities they hate so much although some will mistakenly label Jews as those handlers.

Some of us as Preppers and politically aware sustainable living enthusiasts can see it but even those who cannot (or refuse to admit they can) just scratch their heads and wonder how the reasons or logic of the left that is given out is taken as truth when it is obviously so false. The answer is simple. They are not the real reasons nor do they care if they make sense. There is only one thing driving the left today and that is hatred of White Men. No amount of debt, crumbling infrastructure, war, anything will make the Feminist controlled peasants vote in any manner other than how they are told because all they want to see is a White Man defeated. No matter the cost.

Hell they aren't the one's paying anyway.... Yet.

For those of us who do not wish to go quietly into the night. For those who do not share this hatred of White Men or for those of us who prefer the rural life. The best we can hope for is a collapse at this point because the spending and attacks are never going to stop otherwise.

From Cow Fart Carbon credits to disarming every White Boy they can find. The goal is to weaken us and move us into the cities where we can be more easily destroyed.

Give it some thought. I enjoy reading other people's opinions on the subject. If you can find a better explanation I am all ears. Until then....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


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  2. 15 minutes. That is all I'm asking for. Yes, a lot of pork is being added to this, but this bill is necessary to turn the tide. Most only know what MSM reports and they have no idea what goes on. This bill is not a way for the feds to come on the rez. It is a bill to protect NDNs from the feds.

    My granddaughter is enrolled but is being raised in Call. Co.. If a perv were to ever hurt her and LEO got a hold of them first, the perv might live to be prosecuted. If we are on a rez., and the perv is white, NOTHING will be done because she is NDN!

    I try to stay as gray as possible but as we live local I would welcome an opportunity to discuss this critical piece of legislation further. When we are done, if I haven't convinced you, then I will shut up.

    Make it after school so that when we are done you can look in GD's eyes. She has the right to be protected just as any other child in this country

    Please give me just a little of your time.

    1. Anon - I really have no idea what you are trying to say here. What is NDN for one thing?

      Hurting anyone is a crime however being prosecuted is a right everyone has, yes even people who hurt grand daughters so we do not need any special rules regarding anyone.

      I have looked in many eyes and I am not moved by the vulnerability of one's child's eyes over another. These VAWA rules simply change the victim more than protect. I will not condemn the young boys to that fate anymore than I would condemn a young girl to the opposite fate.

    2. Pioneer: NDN is phonetic for Indian without causing the confusion of having the same name as the almost a billion people on the subcontenent of India.

      I am not sure if there is a phonetic diferentiation that would also make the difference noticable in spoken English.

      It strikes me as being practical, and apparently is not thought to be offensive.

    3. Russ - That makes sense. I never thought to sound the letters out I just assumed it stood for something.

      I always say Ameri-indian myself. In pure racist fashion I don't really care if it is politically correct or not.

  3. Amerindian (Amerind people) was first used by anthropoligists. So it didn't start off as a negative slang term.

    If it is negative, it is only in the general way that some find the use of Indian offensive.


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