Thursday, February 14, 2013

Enemies of Freedom - A List of St. Louis Femocrats

So the St. Louis wing of the National Femocrat party has swung it's club for the Golfer in Chief and introduced gun control legislation in Missouri. Interestingly enough this legislation is almost word for word the same as legislation introduced in Minnesota by their wing of the Femocrat party as well. Coincidence? I bet not.

Judging from the current make up of the Missouri House and Senate, especially after the Femocrats were soundly defeated in about every Missouri State race this last election (Outside of the Femocrat Fortresses of St. Louis, KC and UMC/Columbia) except for Governor and The McCaskill farce for US Senate, this bill isn't going to go anywhere.

Yet that isn't really the point. The war is on my friends. The Feminist dominated cities are going for broke now that their poster child Obama has managed to steal re-election and they can smell blood in the water. The money is about to run out. The charade cannot last much longer and they must make their final moves now because there is little time left.

Using scare tactics and the purchasing power of Government phoney money they have already put a stranglehold on ammunition sales throughout the US. They will now rely on their inner city cesspool strong holds to introduce gun control legislation throughout the Conservative states in the hopes of either stirring the pot enough for a strike or maybe something will stick.

Here is an excerpt from the Legislation they are introducing.

Any person who, prior to the effective date of this law, was legally in possession of an assault weapon or large capacity magazine shall have ninety days from such effective date to do any of the following without being subject to prosecution:
(1) Remove the assault weapon or large capacity magazine from the state of Missouri;
(2) Render the assault weapon permanently inoperable; or
(3) Surrender the assault weapon or large capacity magazine to the appropriate law enforcement agency for destruction, subject to specific agency regulations.
5. Unlawful manufacture, import, possession, purchase, sale, or transfer of an assault weapon or a large capacity magazine is a class C felony.

There is of course a 6th option but we won't go into that YET.

Again I am not worried that this thing will pass. It doesn't really matter at this point if it passes or not as far as I am concerned. Honestly I am ready to get this thing going because my friends it is going to be a fight. There is no way around it at this point. The Feminist and their allies have already taken too much and I am not giving another inch. There is no way we are going to win a national election and eventually we will not have the numbers to maintain the State governments we have. Federal money will slowly eat it away. The one advantage we have is that the money is running out and the farce is nearly exhausted. We must hold.

So here is a run down of the Femocrat political storm troopers that introduced and co-signed this legislation. Get to know them. Remember their faces. We will be seeing them again I am sure.

Representative Roy Ellinger - His district centers around mostly the University city area of St. Louis. BA and MA in History I actually share a bit of common educational history with this slimeball. He also got his law degree so he could become an NAACP attack lawyer. By taking the easy route of Gender traitor he was swept to the top as a White Male Feminist/Mangina and quickly married a raging feminist himself. Their children even have hyphenated last names. How adorable. I hope this man comes to personally help LEO's confiscate my weapons if they get their way. NO really drop by anytime Roy.

Representative Jill Schupp - Her district takes in Creve Coeur, Town and Country and I guess Ladue since she lives there. Ladue has long been known as a very monied and liberal enclave of the St. Louis area. Of course Mrs. Schupp is.... you guessed it... an ex teacher!!! Imagine that? In fact as you will see in the next mini-bio women and teachers make up the  bulk of this gun grab legislation signers. If you have somehow managed to read this blog and have not already been convinced that the Feminist and their wealth grabbing education monopoly is the real enemy of freedom in this country I can only hope a little guilt by association clears your view. Their very lives and easy living wealth require they keep us under the boot. It is that simple. Of course now Obama wants a National Pre-School drive as well. Get the picture yet? The Feminist have the courts, they have the schools, the only thing stopping them from having everything is the fact that the men still have some firearms. Once those are gone.... well you figure it out. The Feminist domestic violence gun grab isn't working fast enough so they are forced to actual frontal attack legislation.

Representative Margo McNeil - Yep another teacher. For 22 years she taught art, now there is an investment in education huh? She represents Florrisant and Hazelwood district. A member of the League of Women voters, Missouri Education Association etc etc. Take note Missouri Patriots since she was born in "48" my bet is this is a Nancy Pelosi/Wasserman-Shultz type remake picture. Add about 20 years to this Mug shot. I know it won't make it any worse.

Representative Rochelle Walton Gray - That's two last names not a middle name. She is the step daughter of some local Black hero of inner city St. Louis who held a Representative seat for like 8 years or something so in true Jackson style she had to carry on in that mode and take the name. Race baiters are so predictable.  This stunning example of Moochelle-like beauty serves on a number of panels, associations and foundations. They all seem to have one word in common... Women.... Imagine that? Black comes up quite a bit as well.

So here you have it folks. These four Femocrats were the one's who introduced this legislation that is in direct conflict with not only the US Constitution but the Missouri Constitution as well. They are enemies of freedom and directly targeting White Men with their efforts and ideology.

Sadly they are not the only tyrants and useful political thugs in our fair state. For future reference as things continue to get closer to the spark and flame that is coming I will be posting more pictures of Missouri Tyrants and enemies of Liberty so when they do come for us we will know who sent them and who holds the leashes.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. Most of St. Louis County is a wasteland of Progressive thought, feministic hatred, and ... well, isn't that enough? We moved away from U. City around 2000, and never looked back.

    1. RP - Ya I have a number of friends up that way from back in my earlier days and if they knew how Conservative I am now they would not speak to me. I usually leave them alone and it is interesting they are almost all in education but when it comes to gun control I do give them an ear full. They have learned to not broach the subject with me.

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  3. The neo-communist dog vomit , have introduced the same law in Ky. The goal is to start a civil war, make Ovomit the new stalin ,and finaly have the "60s" drug fantisy utopia the left lusts after. GOD help us, but I think the civil war is allready started.

    1. Anon - I hear they did is Wisconsin as well.

  4. Remember a while back when the Town and Country idiots wanted Bambi to stop eating their landscaping but couldn't stand the thought of someone with a bow killing the poor defenseless destructive critters. So they spent even more money to "live trap" the deer, resulting in the overwhelming majority of the deer panicking so badly they killed themselves struggling. What few deer they released in someone else's part of the area migrated back to Town and Country with every single buddy they could tell about the delicious thorn free rose bushes.

    Don't discount pure ivory tower and gated community disconnected from reality from this equation. I don't think most of these people even have an intellectual understanding of the real world.

    1. Ody - You are correct they just can't see things outside their own little world, and don't care either.

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