Friday, December 14, 2012

Wood Chips and Wool - A Weekly report

Yep I shoveled another pickup load of woodchips. That makes four loads in the last two weeks and I believe this is the last load now until Summer. I hope. Shoveling a pickup bed almost to the top with woodchips by hand is not exactly fun that's for sure but it certainly does feel nice to have a jump on Spring though.

I have been enjoying my break and I think for the next couple of months as Winter continues to grind into monotonous days I will just keep posting light instead of the daily thing I kept up for years. I really don't have enough material to write about on a daily basis during the Winter months anymore although I could repeat some material, especially since I deleted alot that had been posted, but trying to also maintain a bit more site security has proven a bit constrictive to say the least.

We have also made the jump from being a stock hosting acreage to putting some skin in the game with a ewe of our own. Mrs. PP thinks lamb is the food of the gods and so we have begun our sheep herd. For the moment our little girl will simply be part of the flock already kept here part of the time during the family herds annual rotation but in a year or so when she is ready to breed she will hopefully become the matriarch of the Small-Hold sheep herd.

I have still not given up on running a few head of Dexter cattle either and by my calculations as the old retired nag herd dies off I should be able to eventually maintain a few head of Dexter and a good sized flock of sheep without needing to rely on purchased fodder that I cannot control. Later I believe we have sufficient acreage to grow some of our own grain crops and maintain pasture and hay field with a little rotation. It's going to be tight and I have not worked out all the particulars yet so the verdict still isn't in completely on just how many stock and what types yet. We are close enough that I didn't think one little (well she isn't that little really) ewe was going to be a problem or too early since she still needs another year and a few months before mature enough to breed. We have plenty of time for adjustments.

I should be completely finished with brush busting and junk hauling this Winter and ready to begin fence construction this Summer. I have also begun saving for the next big item purchase which is a much smaller tiller that will run behind an old Ford 8N 16 horse power tractor as opposed to the one I have access to now which needs a 70 HP tractor.

Personally I don't believe long term sustainability and a huge Massy tractor for the Small-Hold is feasible. I do not want to have to depend on a tractor of that size and considering the energy and resource restrictions I see coming I believe smaller is going to be better anyway.

so that is this weeks progress around the Small-Hold. Actually not too bad of a week nor as mundane and boring as the last couple have been. I am sure by the time January seedling get started and the holiday rush around is over I will be back to full time posting once again.

Until then....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. For the money, you can sell the 8n and get a kubota 25 hp diesel. More implements and easier parts and implements.

    Likely better reliability too.

    Been down that path, trust me.

  2. I.just.want.some.chips! So jealous you have a supplier, no matter how you have to shovel them.

  3. With a diesel, it becomes possible to supply your own fuel. The initial outlay is high, but I figure an 18 acre plot can produce roughly 1000 of useable biodiesel, and the oilseed pressings are a useable feed for livestock. You would likely need a lot less fuel than that to operate. The only real problems are finding an outlet for the glycerin, which runs about 10% of output, and the oilseed press, which are several grand new and hard to find used.

  4. Are you going to get a loom for your wool?


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