Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Union Thugs - The White Knights of Feminism

Yes I am still on break because yes I am still working on mundane tasks, or as the case maybe Nor working on anything as we are finally getting some nice teen temperatures. The New Wood Furnace is working so well I just been lounging around in T-shirts inside. The Other night the Son went out to load the furnace up and came running back in because he had no clue how cold it was. He thought since I had the house so hot it would be relatively warm outside.

Anyway today's latest video of Liberals gone Wild presents some specimens you wouldn't normally think of as Liberals if you saw them walking down the street. Just some good ol Boys, but none-the-less all too willing to march with the Multi-culters, public Union Feminist shills and redistribution socialists. These guys are what give the Liberal's war on Conservative and Rural America a sense of legitimacy.

I know most of us think of the occasional effeminate government employee guy who goes home so his wife can put an apron on him while she attends a "chippendale" party as the classic Left-wing, White Guy support group. We would be wrong. The Democrats and Lefty victim coalition get's most of it's support, money, and underhanded info from these guys.

Willing to sell their brothers down the river for a nice pension and easy labor job.

I have not often spoken about this arm of the Femocrat conglomerate but it is there and in my opinion the most dangerous part when you get right down to it. Guys like these pictured in the video are the grunt workers and main support personnel that keep the Lefty Looters going.

This is what the "Age of Austerity" will look like more often than not before we are done.

Label these Union thugs as the Liberal Stormtroopers.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. These are vile people. Don't ever turn your back on these animals. They are as every bit disgusting as the minorities hollering about their free 0bama phones. .... and almost as stupid.

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  4. Black Swan/False Flag just went down in Portland at a shopping mall.
    According to Shepard Smith, one of the weapons found at the scene, but not the shooter/s, was an AR-15 with a full and unused magazine laying on the ground.
    Also, initial reports are that the shooter/s were in face masks, BDU camo and body armor.
    Here it comes, here it comes, Bracken's EFAD storyline coming to life

  5. Glad wood stove is working so well.


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