Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Passing of a Turning Point

No not what you might be thinking like I came to some epiphany in my current life recently. No the death of Judge Bork is significant to me because his Supreme Court nomination in 1987 was the biggest wake up call in my life as to what this country has become today and will eventually become in the not so distant future.

This picture clarifies the final political triumph of America with the election of Ronny (The first President I ever voted for) and Judge Bork. With Reagan we all felt there was common sense in this country but the Liberal attacks on Judge Bork was our first peek at just how hateful, spiteful and disassociated Liberals had become. It amazed us then while today the amount of hatred is more stunning than amazing.

Judge Bork's nomination was the first real rise of the Feminist abortion and Multi-Cult coalition as a Democratic attack arm and at that point I knew we were heading for the mess we see ourselves in today. It has gotten so much worse I would give anything just to go back to that period. The injustice poured onto this man was a slap in the face to me as I attended College and was beginning to feel the first effects of Liberal indoctrination. The sheer hatred of this man but with no solid evidence ever really given as to why made me question the propaganda I was being fed then. It made me look deeply and the deeper I looked the more I could see the falseness and folly I was being indoctrinated with and the real motive behind his attackers.

We missed our chance with the destruction of Judge Bork's nomination to steer this country int he right direction. Had he been a member of the Supreme court things would be much different today I think.

Rest in Peace Judge.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Interesting point you make here. I think you're right.

  2. yes, i remember the hearings (ranting and raving of insults and accusations) and it was really terrible that he (bork) was not selected for supreme are right..things would indeed be different today if he had. i am heading to nashville in a day or two to visit my son and his beautiful wife-a christmas visit. even in these depressing times, i wish you and yours a very happy merry christmas.

  3. His influence on the court would have definitely had a positive impact. He would attack Liberal positions at their strongest point to not just defeat them but utterly trash them by showing them for the illogical trash that they are. We have lost a giant, it is a sad day for the US, and civilization.



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