Friday, December 21, 2012

Sustainable Armory - Deep Back Ups

Luckily I saw the Obama-Gun control steam roller coming if he won this latest farce of an election. At the very least I got all but one of my semi-automatic purchases and backups in place before the election and now it is time to begin thinking about deep backup firearms.

I maybe set for the most part with what appears the targets of choice by the newly emboldened Liberal?Feminist crowd but do not discount the idea of them going after only what they term "military rifles and handguns". They could just as easily attempt to outlaw or regulate all so called military calibers as well.

So besides semi-auto defense weapons, air guns, black powder and backups for each of those the final stage for deep backup in my opinion is the lowest tech, single shot weapon for each of your calibers. To this end for the Small-Hold purposes I chose the H&R Handi-Rifle.

The main reason I chose this firearm for my deep backup slot was the availability of calibers and the fact that H&R will fit you out with various barrels from high powered rifle calibers to Black Powder.

A word of caution however. If you decide to use this rifle as a multi-functional variety backup weapon start by purchasing your original in a true rifle caliber. To cut to the chase a rifle caliber Handi-Rifle can be fitted with the pistol calibers, shotguns and black powder barrels after purchase while the others cannot. If you start with a pistol caliber like I did you are then forced to purchase another rifle caliber but can have the pistol caliber fitted with shotgun and Black Powder barrels. If you purchase a shotgun model you are limited to shotgun only barrels and Black Powder. 

Of course having a Pistol caliber and a rifle caliber rifle isn't such a bad idea anyway since we are talking about deep backup here.

The drawbacks for these firearms that I have tested is that they almost always require a hammer bur added on so you can cock them with a scope attached to the rifle and honestly they are not the most accurate of rifles. Outside of 50 to 100 yards I wouldn't put much faith in them but inside that I was usually getting within an inch or two using a pistol round version. They also don't make a .45 ACP barrel :(

The plus side is they are cheap, accurate enough to be useful, can be fitted with multiple barrels for use in all types of backup calibers and simple enough that you don't need to store almost an entire rifle for repairs.

My plan is to stock a rifle and a pistol version with barrels spanning all the calibers I shoot for the rifles and a .357 for the pistol calibers. The pistol caliber in particular opens up a large amount of normally short range ammo for hunting and survival purposes if nothing else. OK yes taking into consideration that my pistol shooting is NOT the most accurate in the world.

These rifles are also cheap enough for consideration as a cache weapon as well.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I have a Rossi multi barrel, which I think is somewhat the same concept. I don't think either type is known for brilliant accuracy but they can fill out a range of calibers. Mine is .243, 20 gauge, .22. I think it is catagorized as a youth gun,and I can see that it would be easy for a young one to learn to shoot on.

    I bought it because it was on consignment and thus a little less expensive, and because I thought it was cool. Although listed for $450, they seem to sell for less than $250 fairly frequently. I really liked the fiber optic sights.

  2. I have a H&R 12 gauge my dad got me when I was ten or so. It seems to weigh about the same as a thermos of coffee so it is a delight to carry but kicks like a scalded mule. First time I shot it I wound up flat on my a$$. Anyway I carry a shotgun afield a lot more than I shoot it so I still like it.

    I had looked at the rifles and the bull barrel model at the local pawn shop looks like it could be made accurate without too much trouble except for the hammer. All the other problems look solvable and it is cheap enough to try, but the lock time on any exposed hammer will be bad and a spur will make it worse. I suppose you could use a titanium hammer and firing pin like they used to do on 1911s. However, there isn't one available aftermarket so it would have to be custom fabricated and by the time you paid for that it would no longer be a cheap rifle.

  3. If you own shotguns, especially a single or double barrel, consider chamber adapters too. Quick and easy switch between pistol and rifle and of course other shotgun calibers too.

  4. Like Russel i went with Rossi.Mine is 12ga and .223 just found out .223 does not like boattail bullets at all. Try em before ya need em folks. The other one if I Would of got it was 20 gauge rifled slug barrel smooth bore mod choke 20 ga and .22lr. Cheap guns.Reasonable priced guns.My .223 has damn pretty walnut on it. But Boys and girls lets fight this. Don't let em turn us in to a nation of single shots!!! Fight!!!




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