Thursday, July 14, 2016

Maybe the Worst is Over?

We are still getting almost daily rains. It's a far cry from the drought I feared we were going into about a month ago and of course the weeds and grass are growing so fast I can't even keep up.

Normally the heat doesn't really slow me down that much but this year adding in the constant 90+ humidity levels has really zapped my motivation levels. Coupled with the fact I am working at my part time job during the cooler, early part of the day it's about all I can do to make myself go out in the afternoons and get the mandatory chores done.

My new strategy for dealing with the Barber Pole worm issue seems to be working really well though. I am keeping the flock locked into the barn lot until the sun has come out long enough to burn the dew or new rain off the pasture grass. Haven't had to drench a ewe since. Not one sign of sickness or the telltale bag under the chin.

The noise level from the barn however has risen quite high as the ewes especially are not happy about being kept in the dry lot. I can't say I blame them as the so called dry lot ain't very dry with all this rain and the only shade is in the barn where there is not enough breeze even when I keep all the doors open.

Did I mention the smell? The entire world outside smells like a stinkin swamp, or worse. A partially overflowing septic tank might be more accurate and the flies are breeding like crazy.

Seems like every spare minute I can find when the temperature and humidity are within acceptable levels is spent mowing, mowing or even more mowing. The weeds really love this type of weather.

On the bright side the long term forecast shows a bit cooler tomorrow and perhaps a good week or more of it drying out once again. Also all this rain has managed to firm up all the fence posts I had put in back when it was so dry and the front hay field is about ready to bale once again.

Also I was examining the dead Paw Paw tree this afternoon and it looks like there maybe some new shoots coming back. Perhaps it is not totally dead and may recover.

One can always hope.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Great news with the sheep I hope it continues, yes we are mowing all the time so it seems, was looking at the fields yesterday and they need topping again, its growing quicker than the stock can eat it then it gets too long for them to eat.

  2. This is limited experience and has nearly zero in common with your situation other than the word 'tree' but every time I've either transplanted or potted a tree they have shed their leaves. Several of them recovered later.

  3. Sounds like the weather here, I am usually ready to take a break by mid afternoon. I need to spray some of the organic bug killer this morning so as it storms in the late afternoons. The japanese beetles have been eating some kind of weeds and ignoring everything else so I am letting those weeds grow and will have to get some seeds to plant next year.

  4. We are getting those same daily storms. Because of them we still haven't cut hay!

    I got that Soft Apocalypse book from my library but have to admit the relationship stuff is really bugging me too. I'm only a chapter in so I'm kind of hoping that part lessens as the rest of the book takes place. It's way too....smushy.

  5. PP,

    We received an additional 2 inches of rain yesterday. Expecting more tonight, and then it's back to extreme dry weather with high temperatures in the 100's. All the wet areas smell like death.

    Hopefully it will dry out nicely, without the extreme heat.


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