Thursday, July 21, 2016

Almost Time for Another Round of Haying

Looks like most of America is suffering from the same massive heat we are right now. Our humidity has dropped a very little bit but it is still like walking around in a constant hot shower whenever you are outside. I am doubly hampered by the heat since I spend the best part of the working day at my part time job and I get off just in time for the real heat to hit.

I got ahead of the Barber Pole worm issue it seems but that and catching up with the bees plus mowing constantly due to the rain and the heat has kept me well away from the fencing project. I have really dropped the ball on that and to top things off it is now time to get the next hay mowing in too.

All the neighbors got their cut today but truthfully I am usually a week or so behind them and I still need to get some work done on the old sickle mower to try it again.

The old boy down the road swears it just needs a little tightening and a few teeth replaced to be in tip top shape.

I guess that will now become my Sunday project.

Seems I never get caught up this time of year. I mostly blame mowing.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. do you ever wish that a bunch of us bloggers could all live in a little community here on my island where we could help each other out, take care of chores when one of us was unable, build barns together, make hay and beeswax??? i sure know that we do.

    stay hydrated, don't get sunstroked and just do what you can i a day, buddy. sending you much love, as always. your friend,

  2. I feel for you, with the humidity and all. I grew up with that. Where I live now, we're seeing 110-degree heat, but 16% humidity; that, and lots of dust! I actually had a Weather Service dust storm alert come across the radio, day before yesterday; first time I ever got one of those! The hens are miserable, the zucchinis and cucumbers are stewing on the ground, and the tomatoes are in neutral because of the heat. The corn? Forget about it! We had a 117-degree day a few weeks back that literally torched it! It did so well last year, too! This is the prepper's life though; to figure out what works and what doesn't, and to figure out how to make what didn't work this year work next year. God help the people who are just sitting there thinking that, no matter what happens, d'gubment will save them! These people; the ones who think that, if the SHTF, they can just throw some seeds in the ground; I hope they dig a big enough hole in that ground to jump into themselves, 'cause that's where they're going to end up!

    And no... we'll never catch up. Cudos to the Amish. They seem to have all this down pat! God bless, and good luck!

  3. My Sunday projects are called naps. Good luck with the mower.

  4. We are ten steps behind ourselves as well!

  5. We are just now doing our first hay cut! I think this is the latest we have ever been. It is stinking hot out too.

    1. I will be over to help with those square bales tomorrow, get the cool water ready!


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