Friday, July 8, 2016

Ahhh The Proverbial Rock and the Hard Place

There's a lot of this type of stuff going on these days. Just about every political group, union, government and economical institution has painted themselves into a corner. Some from typical PC rhetoric they embraced openly and now must stand behind. Some because they made the choice for financial reasons. Some for both. What usually amazes me is that none of these groups ever stopped and looked forward to the logical conclusion their actions and choices would lead them too.

My readers know I am not a big fan of law enforcement as it stands today. That being said I do not make a point of bashing on them like I do other government employees very often either. I have my own views on things when it comes to the stories of abuse of power, position and authority I see constantly streaming in from all over the country. Law enforcement made it's choice several years ago to militarize itself, not only because the politicians asked them too either. The truth is they embraced it with a fervor. It then bought into the PC think of the Multi-Cult and began making sure they treated non-criminals pretty much the same as criminals because to do otherwise would be racist.

Law enforcement likes to claim they protect the civilians (another thing that irks me when in fact they are civilians themselves) from the thugs and criminals. Yet what I see are decades of LEO enforcement of laws that seem to protect the criminals from men like me more than anything else. When something goes down the police are no where to be found but if I defend myself I then become the criminal.

When a cop does cross the line so far as to draw attention to him or herself there are rarely any consequences for their actions and when some action is taken it usually amounts to a minor slap on the wrist type thing.

As all this went down over time law enforcement lost support from the most critical part of society. The law abiding. That would be me and you. Maybe not all of us. Maybe not all at once but faith in LEO's waned. The media, race baiters and Femocrats have known this for a while now and they smelled blood. Victim politics and race baiting has been their short term means to political and financial power for decades but like law enforcement they never stopped to see where that path would lead.

Well acts like we saw in Dallas last night is where it leads. The guy who did the shooting, or at least his part of it, openly admitted he wanted to kill White people, and no one is even yet making much of that. Not just White cops even though that is what he shot, but White people.  Facts mean nothing because leftist political rhetoric has made sure they won't. No amount of concessions will put a stop to it because the hated White is to blame for everything.

The loony left will call for more gun control. The LEO's may even join them in this cry. More ways to make the law abiding criminals and more rhetoric to turn the criminals into murderers.

And this mess they created will just continue to grow more out of hand.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Have you noticed how the shooters that have come on the scene since Obama aren't old white guys but young democrat voting nut cases. I think the reason is that they have been so filled with hate by their leaders. The old white guys are simply mad because they can view the whole mess from outside of the box and can't change things and also see that shooting someone won't fix anything.

    1. Sf - Oh I agree. These types are fed lies, distortions, half truths etc. to blame Whites or conservatives and they see the rhetoric that's it's alright to claim to want to kill Whites so it must be OK to actually do it.

  2. The dallas shooter was also a member of the religion of peace.

    My own distrust of cops started when I witnessed a guy threaten to get a machette out of his car if the bank teller didn't "loan" him money. He lwft to get the machette and the teller locked the door.

    He beat on the door for a good 20 minutes and looking out the window I watched the cop sitting across the street in his cruiser till the guy gave up and drove away. The cop's excuse on not arresting the guy was that because of his race the judge would just give him a slap and so it wasn't worth his time to waste on the paperwork.


    1. Exile - I don't necessarily distrust all cops or even hold any one of them personally responsible for what their institution has become but it also means I cannot support them when the time comes that they ask for support. If you see what I mean. It's just best under the current climate for me to have NO dealings with cops or other groups.


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