Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Reading - Near and Mid Term Preparation Differences

As the decline and collapse we are in continues no matter how loudly those in power attempt to convince us otherwise or make up more numbers to show "green shoots" and hide the real losses there are always several real indicators that cannot so easily be swept under the rug or covered up in other ways.

As I wrote several years ago government fines, fees and taxes are constantly being raised as the beast clamors for more. One interesting development I did not foresee however was the incredible rise in the (Non) law enforcement assets seizures. I am sure most readers here have seen the articles and stats linked around the web. If not do a simple search and you will see what I am talking about.

I frequently chronicle the visible ways I observe the decline out here in rural middle America and the ways those of us out here deal with or adapt to those changes but I rarely get a look at how urban areas are dealing with the problem.

One reason I suppose is I rarely get to urban areas as much these days but while reading an article on how Rome is dealing with it's own financial collapse and the results of decades under criminal government rule I was suddenly struck with another thought.

Scandal Plagued Rome  is Becoming a Do-It Yourself City

While I know Italy has had it's own issues with the influx of illegals swarming in I rarely hear about many cultural clashes in Rome itself.  While reading the above linked article it occurred to me that the predominant culture in Rome was still traditionally Roman and all the names of the volunteers appeared to be Italian as well.

Calls and text messages pour into Cristiano Davoli's cellphone from citizens alerting him to ominously widening potholes on their block or routes to work. On weekends, Davoli and four helpers — an off-duty doorman, a graphic artist, a government worker and a retiree — who call themselves "Tappami" (Fill Me Up) load their car trunks with donated bags of cold asphalt and fan out.

Can you imagine the current diversity impaired governments of America's large cities allowing ordinary citizens to fix streets on their own? Can you imagine the public sector unions standing for such a  thing even if the local governments turned a blind eye to it? Can you picture our currently divided and culturally different groups coming together for such a thing?

I can't. All we do is blame each other and as a member of the favorite go-to blame group I'll be damned if I am lifting a finger to help the others.

American cities in particular will have the large problem of diversity to deal as they adapt to the decline which is probably why most of the early ones to suffer like Detroit are not handling the problem near as well as this article suggests Rome is. Certainly there are also European cities that are also hampered with diversity issues. Paris and London come to mind quickly but I think Rome maybe an example of just what a bonus non-diversity maybe when dealing with a crisis.

Something to think about as we adapt to the decline.

Keep Prepping everyone!!!!!!!


  1. Hmmmmm. A similar experience - but from a small community in Germany. As a guest I was put to work by my hosts on Saturday morning. Everyone got out a broom, and swept all the dust and litter and detritus out into the middle of the street at precisely 9:00. Right on schedule a street sweeper came down and made one pass down the middle of the street - and the street was clean in one pass.

    When I asked my hosts what happens when you're sick, or away on vacation or unable to sweep on Saturday morning, they were shocked. Why, you get somebody to do it for you of course! It doesn't matter if you can't do it for whatever reason - it has to be done by somebody. It must! To not do it was unthinkable! They were actually horrified by just the thought of it.

    Likewise - their autobahns: They take their driving seriously. Here, if you are a dink going slow in the fast lane everyone passes you on the wrong side and maybe flips you the bird. In Germany they drop you in the crapper - major fines, possible suspensions - even jail time. Driving is not a right, it's a privilege and if you abuse it you darned well lose it.

    You can say what you want about freedom vs fascism and draconian law...but we don't have autobahns, and a lot of our communities are going to pot because of apathy sold as freedom. If I had to criticize I would say we are all over our rights and freedoms - but we are absolutely clueless of our responsibilities...

  2. This ZH article shows how a lot of Germans have had enough of diversity.

  3. They can get a lot accomplished that way. Sometimes neighbors here will scrape snow off the road when the state doesn't bother to show.

    You asked about the blue Hubbard squash. I have huge squash big issues. They do know it is a squash but it doesn't seem to be as vulnerable as the other varieties for some reason. But I have only grown it one year so my experience is still a little limited.


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