Thursday, March 3, 2016

Rocky Get's a Modeling Gig and the Mini-Projects Work

As if that rooster's head and ego wasn't inflated enough already we were contacted by a group yesterday that helps disabled children and wants to take pictures of Rocky. Apparently one of their things is helping their clients establish artistic careers and one client in particular is a photographer who's work is then sold to bring in more money for the group. I guess.

My bet is if I really looked into what they do with the money and the group's ultimate political views I would be disappointed and at odds with them or find something I didn't like. Kinda like the United Way and their dressing men up in women's dresses, Mr. Legs BS,  or buy a bachelor campaign stuff. However the women folk are kinda pumped about the whole thing so it's best if I just ignore all that because ya know it's for the children and all.

I was asked if I knew how to get Rocky to come out and pose for the cameras at which I just told them to start acting like they were doing some work and before too long they would be hip deep in chickens and Rocky would be there putting on a show. I hope they don't mind a bit of chicken porn because Rocky will make sure he shows em who has the sexual control of the hens if anyone is watching. There maybe some horrified children before this thing is over depending on who they bring with them.

Also depending on how liberal this group may bend I might have em demanding I lock Rocky up on rape charges before it is over.

Ya know the whole thing makes me chuckle while writing it just now so I better just stop here.

In other news it's raining this morning so I am waiting for it to stop to go out and pick yet another job that needs doing. There is an unlimited list of stuff so today I am just going to see where it takes me. The solar light and door latch I put up the other day are working like gang busters and no one is complaining about the latch being hard to open either. The light worked just as I thought it would and comes on automatically when the sun goes down too. I just have to remember to pull the cord when I am done with evening chores.

Actually I think the first order of business should be getting the shop back into some sort of order once again. I have tools scattered all over the place right now and can't find a thing.

Always something.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!!


  1. I could get started on this subject but I will stop myself it would be a funny monologue at least to me and you. He is a good looking bird and being an artist, I predict that they will be happy with the photos. I think a light like that might be a good thing as it will work if the sun continues to shine!

  2. A couple of years ago my four year old grandson was brought here by my son and his wife for a five day visit. Day two. Grandson wearing a nice red T-shirt with matching shorts. Walked across the courtyard with mum and dad. Had a big Orpington cockerel at the time who was not noted for his enthusiasm about life. But saw, with some surprise, the Orpington suddenly rise up from his doze the other side of the courtyard. Saw him run on legs that could hardly keep up with his stride. Saw his wing feathers go up, saw his tail feathers all of a wobble. Saw him heading for my grandson at full speed. Clunk. My booted foot caught him in full flight, bringing him to a quick halt. No one knew what had happened, and my family carried on walking through the gates of the courtyard. I wonder what would have happened if I had not been so quick with my boot. The puffed up cockerel was about the same height as my grandson!
    So.... perhaps to encourage the children not to wear red, just in case your cockerel takes umbrage while on the photo shoot!

    1. They don't like boots or monkeys with sticks!

    2. Roosters and kids never mix well, it usually ends rather poorly for the rooster.

  3. I am back online so just catching up with everyone, I hope fame dosent go to Rocky's head :-)

  4. PP,

    Good old Rocky has become relatively popular......
    Rocky will strike a pose!!!

  5. Well, Rocky is an awfully handsome dude. Reminds me of our Lord B - gone but never forgotten.

  6. Do you know what happened to harry flashmans blog. I was reading it every day, good info, and much to my dismay, it looks like he shut it down!


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