Friday, March 4, 2016


Well I can't say it was a great day all around. I got called and asked to work the next two days and it rained most of the morning.

I went to put the open sugar feeder out at the hives I keep down the road at the orchard and after filling the thing ended up dropping it and losing half my syrup on the ground.

Still it wasn't all bad.

Sitting on my hive stand at the orchard I found two boxes of honey jars some one had left for me. This really isn't all that unusual to be honest as I often come home and find jars on my porch left there by the bottle fairies otherwise known as my neighbors and local honey lovers. It was unusual to find two complete cases of them however. They are missing lids but that's no big deal.

When I got back home I split another truckload of wood and found one log that was just full of the big black beetles you can see in the top picture.

The hens thought they had died and went to heaven. I put the log down and they attacked those beetles as fast as they were coming out of the split log. Watching it almost made up for all the extra work I have to do making sure there are no hens under the splitter before a log falls on them.

They sure are great at bug control that's for sure. A little annoying in the fact it's impossible to direct their excavating where I would like it to be but so far a pretty fair trade.

Anyway I will catch up on comments and such when I get home from work tomorrow evening. Going to be a bit light and short posting until Sunday it looks like.

At least the feeders are all out now for the bees to hit over the next few warm days. The buds on the Maples are almost ready to pop open and the official honey season should start soon!

I better get started on some new bottom boards and other woodenware for swarm season soon.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Our bees are not ready yet a few weeks perhaps, its too cold to open the hives for inspection,I wish the bottle fairy would leave me a couple of boxes of jars you ave some lovely fairy's :-)

  2. PP,

    Nice surprise waiting for you. Lids are easy to come by.
    There's nothing better than having a natural way of killing off those chickens :-)

  3. Wow how cool that they save their honey jars for you! No doubt they will go to good use.

  4. Some guy came out to see about hunting coyotes and gave me a jelly jar of honey, nothing like local honey. You make me wish that my birds were still running loose but they just ended up getting into too much trouble some deadly so I got 200 feet of netting and they run around in the chicken hood now.

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  6. I love that you have jar fairies! Neighbors who take care of each other are priceless and becoming fewer and fewer.

  7. I buy my lids at if you aren't familiar with them check them out.

    Rita in VA

  8. That's great! My neighbors bring me egg cartons.


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