Friday, February 12, 2016

Once again Winter surprised me and wrecked my well laid plans. Out of the blue last night we suddenly got another inch or so of snow so we couldn't move the last bee hive we wanted to. The Orchard area we are taking the hives to is down over a hill and the snow along with an empty pickup bed is not a combination I want to mess with.

By noon the snow had melted even though the temperature wasn't much above freezing so it was time to start bringing some of the wood I cut yesterday up to the racks. Only took a couple of small loads to fill em up and as you can see by the tree down behind the tractor there are plenty more where those came from. I imagine I will be cutting on that Oak most of the Spring and early Summer now. We still have one of the Locust trunks and limbs left to cut but I tried to mix these loads evenly between Oak and Locust.

This will give me a chance to get the reserves built back up as I have been rather slacking in the firewood department this Winter. Too much of my time has been eaten up by the tractor overhaul and I still am not finished with that yet. We ended up having to order new valves as the old ones looked good but proved to be too thin to reuse.

We are now all stocked and ready for this cold front that is even now beginning to blow in from the North. I am not saying it came from Canada but well we all know what's North of us at least way up passed Iowa and Minnesota :)

The forecast is for a low of 0 to -4 tonight and then a sudden warming back into the upper 20's for Saturday. Apparently this little Arctic push is going to hit those East and North of us much harder than we have to look forward to.

As it turns out next week is suppose to be in the 50's and 60's again but of course I have to work the entire week. Just figures somehow it seems this time of year the nice days are ALWAYS when I have to work and be gone from dawn to dusk.

Well so be it. At least we are well prepared for this next little frigid air attack.

It also seems maybe blogger is letting my posts update promptly once again. The last two I posted were updated almost immediately. Someone has suggested that perhaps my blog was flagged, reported and de-listed for a little while and ya know after they mentioned it I went and checked and the timing does seem a bit fishy. In fact the last few times this delayed updating has gone on it seems to have followed either a rant about public service pensions or feminism. I also found a link of someone describing how their own blog acted when they were de-listed and things kinda match up.

It seems you cannot escape the thin skinned whiners even on one's own blog.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. RISEN Official Trailer - In Theaters Feb 2016

    ps. Would you consider adding CC to your blogroll

    1. CC - You are already on my blogroll. Bottom left under "No link love sites" hint hint :)

  2. Our high yesterday and today was the low-80's. The weekend is supposed to sink to the high 70's and then back up to the low 80's. One hopes this does not fortell a long hot summer.

    1. Man what I wouldn't give for 70's right now. I hate you :)

  3. My blog was as slow to post as yours was maybe it was because I know you, PP related slowness.
    I used the new trailer today and brought in wood, it isn't balanced right and kept lifting the 3pt so I will have to put a couple weights on the tongue area. Not looking forward to the cold that is coming.

    1. Sf - Well ya know it maybe that my last round of trolls did just that. Wouldn't surprise me any they are against anything that doesn't follow their own brand of hatred.

      Sounds like your hydraulics might be a bit weak.

      Our cold wasn't as deep as they predicted, only got down to like 9 and the wind died out. Thank the Lord.


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