Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Next Steps Down - Starving the Rural Areas

Over this last week it's become pretty obvious things are not what they seem or anywhere near as good as the Obummer regime and his big media cronies try and paint it as being.

We have documented tanker rail cars being stashed by the thousands in Northern Missouri. Food prices increasing despite commodity depression in most other sectors and reported artificial shortages in delivery to rural markets. We saw a county by county map that clearly indicated only those areas with raw resource booms or direct government spigots are surviving. Other blogs have documented similar declines in other industries and service sectors and there have been articles and articles about slow downs, layoffs and business closings across the world. Many countries further from the financial center of things are suffering far more than the US as well.

Things are very close to falling apart it seems.

The next question we as sustainers must ask ourselves is how this will effect us going forward and what to watch out for as it does.

I think the answer is already there in front of us if we really look. The decrease in rural deliveries as reported by a couple of our readers is a very telling hint. The failed urban experiments are going to be sucking more and more resources from the rural areas to stay alive as this thing moves forward.

Already we see urban school districts screaming for their various state governments to take over their debt and bail them out.

Detroit Public Schools face bankruptcy if Lawmaker's don't Act

This is just the beginning. The failed urban areas will be attempting to plunder their respective state's coffers on an ever increasing level to feed the beast they have created. Of course it will be presented as a simple "state problem" but what it means is resource transfer away from the rural areas. More abandonment of roads, less snow removal, patching etc. reduced law enforcement coverage (ok so it's not all bad), less money for rural schools, etc.

You get the picture.

Remember this decline and collapse started at the edges and picks up speed as it is sucked inwards. Ever so slowly we who live at these edges will need to become more and more self sufficient and adapt to the changes much earlier than those in the urban areas. We will have to travel further for groceries or do without, suffer greater costs in vehicle maintenance due to traversing steadily declining roads and learn to live without for longer periods due to less frequent trips.

All the while still paying taxes and resources that go to benefit other areas.

Point of fact the hardest part of surviving this decline for those in the rural areas will come long before the urban folks really feel any pain just like the counties further from the center are already feeling the pain long before the core ones do.

The advantages are of course that those of us closest to the current edges will be more forgotten about as time goes by. Despite picking up speed we are still in a long slow slide so this next phase could in fact take years to develop fully just as the last step has taken over a year to develop into this one.

The disadvantages are that anyone who has been deluding themselves will finally have reality knocking on their door. Sustainability isn't just finding some remote spot and hoarding all you think you may need. It's producing for yourself and that's what separates the true sustainers from the pretenders.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. The biggest alarm going off that I saw and I don't think anyone else has commented on it in this way is when the Republicans got control over both houses of congress. They didn't lift a finger to fight any of what has happened. I began asking myself why and can only conclude that they got elected and found out that they are in an avalanche zone so to speak. Things have reached such a point that any attempt to correct just about any problem will cause the whole thing to start rolling and of course they don't want the blame for that. Following your thought, the government is in the city and will do everything not to have riots on their doorsteps so the rural areas will take the early brunt of things most likely. Unfortunately what often happens is the governments will start a war to direct the problem on someone else and unite the people. The question is will the war be direct to another country or to the rural areas that are full of racists and trouble makers?

    1. Sf - I agree 100%. That is the same basic reasoning I use when discussing the immigrant situation. Everyone in denial is constantly wondering why they vote for politicians that proclaim they will do something about immigration and then once they get in office they do nothing. Well the answer is they find out they can't do anything or else the train ride ends. I believe it is that way with several issues we have today as you mention. The course is set. Any change brings the collapse sooner rather than later.

      People like us and the one's who read here want it over and done with but most Americans are not like us.

    2. A good article that explains a lot just came up on ZH.

    3. We were discussing a bloomberg article on Canadian grocery prices. The gist of the article was see US prices while high are so much better than Canada. The problem was the article was showing prices from the far north where everything is flown in so like $20 a gallon of milk instead of the $6 we pay in mostof the country.

      I think the idea was to make Americans think they don't have it bad.

      Interestingly I was talking to people accross Canada about cucumber prices for a single long english one. I noticed that prices in the 3 major cities are way lower. I think that someone is keeping prices low artificially in those areas to prevent them noticing.


    4. Sf -I saw that article yesterday I think. Haven't read it yet but it's on the list!!!

    5. that explains it! i just thought they were all suborned or crooked. it certainly is a likely explanation.
      thanks. i've been wondering a long time.

  2. Exile - That wouldn't surprise me. The US media is worse than any propaganda rag ever invented.

    It's rally just sickening.

  3. Not just the rural areas I think Preppy. Even in the Urban Areas, resources will get directed to some places and not to others. And one of the great challenges here will being going more and more gray as time goes on. For me, it is working to increase the production of my food without looking drawing attention to the fact.

    1. TB - I am sure there will be more precision as the government chooses who wins and who loses, even in the cities themselves that's for sure.

      So you're right of course.

  4. What is meant by the tankers being stored. I like you t o write about this stuff, I like to know, and you keep us in the know

    1. LW - I posted some pics the other day that showed 1000's of what I think are oil tank railroad cars. They been parked on a spur line in North Missouri for months now.

      Thank you for the compliment!!!!

    2. Could be one of two things.

      They could have oil in them and be sitting as storage or they could be the older single wall tankers that became outdated last year.

      I also looked at the pic but its not big enough to make out the markings; they could also be chemical cars.


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