Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Reading - Don't Cross the Streams

Ya I didn't use my traditional Sunday Reading header today because well I just didn't. We are nearing a time unlike anything that has ever come about in the history of the world. Several lines or streams if you will are converging together into one massive storm that is going to have blowback that will reverberate down the time line of the future for literally thousands of years I think.

A clash of ideologies, misdirection, greed, over population, over consumption, gender and racial hatred with global inter-connectivity the likes of which has never been possible before now.

The West has been neutered by 60+ years of Feminism. Our population decimated. Our economies destroyed by decades of assuring "independent" lifestyles and attempting to ream out all the round holes so the square pegs would fit. Our infra-structure is falling apart right in front of our eyes with no resources to fix them. Contaminated water lines are just the latest incarnation of this constant state of decline.

Young Men as a whole no longer have the will to stand up and fight. This isn't their fault they are simply surviving in a world dominated by feminist ideology that penalizes any and all masculinity, especially if that masculinity happens to manifest itself in a White European Male. White Men have been denied education and economic prospects since the day Affirmative Action came to be and it shows. I see Feminist everywhere screaming the Men should be defending the Women against the attacks of immigrants.

Well ladies, you made sure the Men who would have been defending you were marginalized some years ago and wanted to raise those few boys that managed to survive the abortion epidemic into pajama wearing metero-sexuals.

You got what ya wanted.

To try and shore up the economic tidal wave heading our way the politicians, now all tainted with feminist propaganda of equality, must invite in every warm body the world will send them. It's unwanted young men of course.

There is one fatal flaw in all this though. Western society was built by a certain culture with a specific skill set and ideology. One that meshed well and worked like a machine. Perhaps not always a well oiled machine but better than anything that came before or since. Change the engineering of that machine and as we are witnessing, it will slowly shake itself apart. The timing is off,  the lines clog. You get the idea.

The final question we must ask ourselves as sustainers or preppers or whatever we call ourselves is....

Will the parasites ultimately kill the host or will the host grow so weak the parasites die and allow the host to heal?

I am betting on the last part myself.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!

Oh ya and it will be interesting to see how long it takes for this post to actually update. It's been averaging 12 hours or more for my posts to show up on other sites this last week.


  1. I just have a link to your blog so I probably see them before people who just look at recent blogs.
    Sometimes it seems that our enemies make more sense than our own leaders, I guess that is what makes Trump so appealing to people. Our own leaders seem to be working against us and have done more damage than any foreign threat could have ever done. Many a great tree has rotted from the inside to where a mild breeze will bring it down eventually.

  2. I'm seeing the SJW types crying more about how they want more hand outs. Given Obama is still in for a year and Canada hust got their own idiot leader; I expect 2016 to be the year of hand outs.


  3. oh will you just get over it and put up more tractor girls - you know how much i enjoy them - bahahahahahah!

    in all seriousness...i am betting on the second option. i truly believe there are still enough of us out there to fix this problem.

    much love buddy, always! your friend,

  4. pp
    just read 'fred on everything dot net'.
    now i understand.
    could never understand why pols would undermine their own country.
    lust for money is at the root.
    and that is a lust for power.

    look at 'bayou renaissance man' for the article about the book
    'the battle for room 314' by ed boland.

    the last few generations are totally animalistic and predatory. they are ignorant and stupid, but deadly.
    unless you exterminate all of them there will be more and more trouble.
    for those of us raised morally and stably they are aliens.
    we cannot talk to them in a language they understand. and they don't want to understand. they are a lost cause.
    the best you can do is to avoid them and their gathering places and warn others to do the same.
    i am so sorry for the decent helpless people caught in these places and situations.
    only God can save us , and He can save them. we need Holy Spirit to fall upon this nation like a ton of bricks!


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