Monday, December 21, 2015

The Small-Hold Winter Solstice Hat Challenge

You ever heard that adage that goes something like "whomever you kiss on New Years Eve is who you will be with that year" or something like that? Well I started a new tradition last year and continued it on into this year that is similar.

What ever hat I wear on the Solstice will tell me how the year will go.

OK maybe it ain't that similar but you get the idea.

Basically I have three hats I wear around here (four if you count the boonie hat for gardening which is not pictured). The ball cap style, which is always the shorter topped version but I have several different ones. For some reason I cannot stand those taller capped ball hats. Not sure why I just prefer the older style ones with the smaller crown. The light weight stocking cap to cover my ears when the temps are in the slightly chilly range and the super fuzzy mountain man style hat for those days when it's in the lower 40's and below.

The sock monkey hat belongs to Mrs. PP and let me tell you it fits her like a glove :)

Funny we were discussing wind the other day because yesterday I was out cutting wood in the spot I been harvesting this year and when I left the Small-Hold we were getting crazy South winds at about 35 or so MPH. When I got down in that valley cutting it was calm and at least 20 degrees warmer.

Living up here on this open plateau makes for some nice growing conditions in the warmer months but damn it is the epitome of the wind swept prairie come Winter let me tell you. Probably why I go through so much wood in the Winter too.

Hence my ear muff hats. I just can't stand having cold wind blow into my ears at all anymore. Anything below 60 these days gives me an earache so I wear hats that cover my ears when it starts getting cold.

So for the Winter Solstice of 2015 I was able to wear the light weight stocking cap!!! I may have even been able to get away with wearing a ball cap this morning as the wind was strong but the temperature was pretty mild.

If my prediction theory works out that means 2016 should be a relatively mild year!!!

So what hat did you wear today?

With morning feeding out of the way it's time to have a bit of breakfast myself and then get back to working on the barn once again.

Last night all the hens went into the coop except for two that went into Hennypenny's dog crate and one Barred Rock who flew up on top again. I think I am making some progress with getting them to go into a safe place for the night.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. I started off with a black stocking cap when it was cold early and then wore a dirty ball cap to the feed store and will continue with that to work wood this afternoon. I have to say that I don't like the tall ball caps and can't wear anything white as within 30 seconds I will have dirt all over it. Dirt doesn't bother me but it really shows up on white.
    Companies once gave away caps but I have been getting like new ones at goodwill lately as the free supply ended with the good economy. I have a soviet army hat for cold days when I need my ears covered thoroughly as they know what cold is.

    1. Sf - I actually wore one of my ball caps for a while today after feeding and then it kinda got overcast and a bit colder once again so I went back to the stocking cap.

      My white ball cap has been so dirty at times. The wife washes it occasionally but the stains never really come out.

  2. I'm wearing an old 10gal hat I bought at a yard sale. This month is the wettest here in 75 years. Over 13 inches so far at the homestead here.

    1. MV - We have actually been kinda wet here ourselves although nothing like what you are experiencing. That sounds almost as bad as our Spring this year.

  3. DH is wearing his blizzard hat to plow snow today. Hopefully, it will mean more moisture this year.

    1. Tewshooz - Nice how many inches did you guys get?

  4. For me tis a black wooly hat which is snuggly warm, none attention seeking and cost me not a jot.

    1. John - Sounds like one hell of a find that's for sure!!!!

  5. Replies
    1. Bubba - Does it have that little pocket on the side for condoms?

  6. PP,

    I wore a baseball type hat while out working on the property.
    It's been very warm down here for this time of year. Were breaking all kinds of weather records!!


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