Saturday, December 19, 2015

It's Ethnic Engineering Saturday!!!!

I got up this morning before dawn to do the usual feeding and as I am prying my sleep sealed eyes apart and hit refresh on the blog page I noticed I lost like 11 or 12 followers over night.


I start ticking off in my head what I wrote this time. See the truth is my brave thick skinned followers that remain, I have more than likely lost far more followers than I have ever gained over the years.

So I start going over the key topics that usually end in the blog losing a follower or two.

I hadn't bashed Feminism in a while. It's been a few weeks since I did the Booneslick series of posts so no Faux Injun followers should have been leaving over night...

As a side note I did lose two followers during that Booneslick series of posts. It never fails when I do a pro-European colonist post that I lose one or two followers. I am guessing they retreat to their multi-Indian-cultural teepees and eat payote while throwing darts at an avatar of me.

I hadn't made any reference to America having been built by colonist and not immigrants in some time. That particular post was very interesting. I did it about the time the media started spamming the pictures of the drown Syrian kid and had a follower or two leave in disgust because I was speaking out against all this third world and Mooslim immigration. What's funny is I saw one of them who left bashing Mooslims in a comment on another blog recently.

I guess opinions change with the wind these days.

I haven't bashed horses in a while. Well other than the usual "worthless pain in the ass animals of pasture destruction" comment here and there.

I haven't mentioned not asking minorities about tools at the hardware store either....

Let's see....

Oh ya I haven't made a comment about over paid government employees or bashed on public service pensions in a while either for that matter. Both of those usually bring an angry comment or two and the occasional new follower leaving.

Honestly I was stumped. I thought I had been doing rather well at not pissing someone off recently.

Then I noticed that Google had been changing some things and I am thinking some old inactive anonymous ID's were simply removed. Certainly none of the recent followers or regular commenters disappeared so I am relived about that.

Anyway I was on my way out to clean the chicken coop this morning after feeding and I got a little side tracked.

It was turning into a very pleasant day. Wind under 10 MPH and it was coming in from the South and was pretty warmish, sun shining and well ya know I had been racking my brain about putting the trailer draw bar on the tractor and not wanting to take the blade off. You see taking the blade on and off is a real pain but I like to keep the blade on in case it snows or I need to drag a tree around.

Then suddenly I had one of those rare moments of Ethnic Engineering brightness.

Why not put a ball hitch on the blade?

Well because the bolt on the hitch is bigger than the adjustment hole on the blade that's why.

Then I remembered I had one of those odd pressure ball trailer hitch things that I have never used because I didn't trust it.

hmmmmm. Could I make it work? The bolt was of course too large for the hole but could I use a different type of bolt? One of those rounded head ones?

A big carriage bolt, a couple of nuts and washers and whaaa-laa. I can now move my little trailer around without taking the blade off and putting the draw bar on. This is huge trust me!!!!

Not exactly something I would want to use pulling a trailer down the road but for my purposes around the farm it should do fine. I never adjust the blade around backwards anyway and if I ever need to I can just take the new ball hitch off.

The only thing I have to watch is not raising the blade all the way up or it will drag the back of the little trailer on the ground. I have a hitch on the front bumper of the 850 but I did not relish driving the thing backwards all the way down into the field to cut a little wood or using it that way to get some more hay bales out of the enclosed horse trailer either. To be honest driving backwards like that makes my neck hurt. The 850 also has the post hole drill on it and it's sometimes as bad as the blade to get on and off and I really don't want to take it off either in case I get out and put some more posts in before Spring.

This way I don't have to!!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. It was the chickens that scared them away. You know, that movie titled "The Birds".... imagine it with chickens! :-)

    Mr. H put a ball hitch on the front bucket of the backhoe to move the stock trailer around earlier this year. Sure beats having to pull out the truck and hook it up. And he can maneuver it in tighter spots.

    1. hobo - I have seen em welded on to front buckets and put on bale spikes too. They are very useful to have on both ends I think. Sure beats lining the truck up where ya can't see that's for sure.

  2. I have a holein the bucket of my skid steer for a hitch so I can move the trailers around without hooking up the truck.

    It never fails the trailer I need is always boxed in against the fence by other trailers. It's better this last few years as we no longer have friends "storing" holiday trailers on our property; and a buddy of mine has had my 26 deck trailer for 4 months. So more space this year.


    1. Exile - It used to be I had a simple pin hitch trailer for using around the farm but someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse on it.I kinda wish now I had kept it LOL.

      Looks like I might be getting an old beat up truck to grace my field soon. My brother bought one to restore and needs to hide it from his wife.

  3. I am still here dont understand all the tractor talk but I think your funny :-)

    1. Dawn - As long as you don't my tractors are funny. That would be like giggling at well my ego :)

  4. You have been fairly nice about issues lately, nothing like when that guy was going wage cyber war on you for the hardware comment, he even tried to comment on my blog about it. I think it is easier to be calm now that things are coming to a head and most of the predictions are true. Of course it could be that the tractor girls are now in winter quarters and don't seem to make appearances on your new equipment like back in the summer, that would cause some to quit the blog I guess.

    1. Sf - Ya know you kinda summed it up well. Right now I know it's not going to be long and karma is gonna be a bitch. I did get kinda upset about a story of German internment prisoners from WWII and might even do a Sunday reading post about it tomorrow though. I bet that will bring out some haters :)

    2. I forgot to add that person was like out of their mind pissed at me weren't they? OMG and to think that comment I made about not going to the Black guy for advice on tools wasn't even me trying to be a shock jock either. I still get a chuckle out of that every now and then.

  5. I read you each day. I like your common sense approach to things. I am also in Missouri with a desire/need to "get some land" and move towards self-sufficiency. Tragically, I am 67, knees don't work right, had double bypass this summer, and a fiance who is certain that everything will be alright with the country and economy and is not going to the woods. I appreciate your sharing of your day-to-day stuff. It keeps my risk/reward analysis in check.

    1. Anon - Thank you for commenting!!!! Since you are in Missouri what general part if I may ask? Perhaps you can trick her into thinking your just getting out to the high brow far suburbs?

      I must admit though as far as risk v. reward I have been on easy street. If I wasn't riding on what remains of my parents and grandparents life I wouldn't be able to do even a tenth of the stuff I do.

      Which reminds me I need to do another post about that.I try and do one every year or so to not only be honest to my readers but to myself as well.

      Thank you!!!

  6. I'm in Jefferson county, just past the St. Louis county line. It used to be "in the woods", but it's like St. Louis county 30 years ago. My risk is more health related rather than resources. I've told my remaining son that it is my intent to spend my last dollar the day before I die, so plan accordingly. BTW, I'm Annon because I just don't sign up for stuff and run browser incognito.

    1. I told my heirs the same thing. If I time it right I'll die with $1 in the bank and a handful of loose change in my pocket:)

    2. I plan on doing the exact opposite. Why bother to prep at my age if not for my children and grandchildren? Quite a bit of what I do around here I may never fully enjoy the benefit of and I hope to leave my son with at least a resource rich inheritance if not actual money since I imagine that will be useless by then. Maybe some PM's though!!!!


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