Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fire Mission

Today was an interesting day to say the least. I was asked to make a run up to one of the big used auto auction places and ferry a car back to the dealership. I don't normally do these runs because frankly the old geezers they have who do them hate me.

Why do they hate sweet lovable fur-ball Pioneer Preppy? I know you are asking yourselves this with a big wide eye'd look on your face and an innocent sound to your voice.

Well my gentle readers imagine me stuck in a vehicle with seven guys in their 60's all of which are retired government employees with a three hour drive and nothing to do but give opinions about things. Mostly politics...

HEH.... Just imagine it if you will.

I simply do not understand something and I never will even though I know it is a fact of life. How can a grown man or woman look at plain simple numbers and absolutely refuse to see them for what they are?

So we hit the road and they started in. A couple of them know I don't pull punches. They know I don't think they are entitled to their pensions they claim they worked for and I don't care if it pisses em off or not to say how I feel about it. They start pulling down topics and they know I will eventually point out the elephant they consistently ignore about it. If I don't speak up they will eventually make it a point to ask me directly. Why they do this I couldn't tell you because they know the answer will just piss em off.

So they start in on the topic I knew they would hit on before I even entered the van. All this immigration crap. They automatically assume I am a Trump supporter which puts them at a big disadvantage for my opening salvo but I knew they would make that mistake and I was going to use it to full effect. Like The Duke of Wellington napping with his head on a log and watching the French maneuver around to his front I waited until they made their fatal mistake at which point I nuked em into the next century and soundly ended the entire game they were trying to play.

When one of the more particularly greasy feeling smooze bucket public servant retirees asked me if I thought Trump would really put a stop to immigration if he was elected I simply replied he would be an idiot if he did.

You could hear the highway noise outside the van after I said that. The look of complete disbelief and utter shock was painted all over their faces. They had just heard what they consider to be the ultimate right wing terrorist anti-government conspiracy nut they know say that what they thought should be my hero would be a fool to stop open unrestrained immigration.

I had set them up for the kill, the Willy Pete round was floating high in the sky on it's chute exposing their upturned pale faces in the dark. It was now time to load the HE rounds and pump some steel down range with an extra quick VT fuse set for maximum burst damage.

"The government is gonna need at least another hundred million more to even hope to pay for your pensions, social security and medical bills at this point".

I am sure one or two of them complained about me again when they got back to the dealership. Bet it will be another 6 months before they call me for another group run at this point. More than likely the only reason they got me this time was because so many of their little in-bred group was traveling for Christmas.

As a last parting shot I had to ask if they really felt that Javier, Abdula and Moobassal were going to cough up all the taxes needed when the under funded liabilities reached 100%.

It was a quiet trip after that.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. You are lucky they didn't swerve off the road when you were mind bombing them. Maybe some day they will leave you speechless when they say that you were right.

    1. Sf - MY guess is that will never happen. They are gambling that they will be gone before the actual price pay up reaches them. Right now it is you and I and those younger who are paying and the powers that be plan on keeping leaving it on our shoulders as long as possible.

  2. Well, I hope you at least wished them Merry Christmas when they left. ;-)

    1. hobo - Sure thing!!! Actually there was a new guy there who had recently retired and he hardily agreed with me. He admitted flat out the numbers don't add up and didn't take the entire thing personally. It's refreshing to meet people that will think before getting angry.

  3. You could also twist their beans with the government suppressing official inflation and therefore real purchasing power of defined benefit plans, so that they can get the pretend pensions their pretend work deserves.

    Merry Christmas, and a happy last year of Jay Nixon as Governor.

    1. Ody - I think they would just ignore that. Here these guys are taking jobs from those who need em as their second source of income after raping the tax payers for pay while doing nothing. You would think someone would be embarrassed to admit retirement doesn't mean retirement it means you are now ready to steal more and get another job.

  4. Go get 'em PP! You are welcome at my campfire anytime.

    1. Extex - Why thank you sir!!! Merry Christmas!!!


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