Monday, November 23, 2015

The Old Girl is in the Shop

I loaded the 861 diesel up this afternoon and took her in to get a complete overhaul. No telling how long she will be gone and until she gets cracked open we won't know how extensive the damage is. She may come back with a gas engine if things are too bad or might be scraped. I can find plenty of replacement gas engines but haven't found a single diesel one that will fit her. 

Let's hope it won't come to that though and I can get just about all other parts for her upto a crank shaft if needed just no blocks or salvage engines.

I ran her through the car wash and cleaned all the years of grime off then started her up to take her into the shop. She started clanking and grinding before I made it 10 foot so she was pushed into place rather than risking putting a rod through the block.

If everything appears fixable she will come back a new tractor with a new front hood and some freshly painted parts as well.

I did discover that it wasn't the oil plug that caused the problem. I am pretty sure what happened now is that she blew the main seal between the engine and the transmission.

See where that white arrow is pointing under the tractor and just in front of the rear tire? There is a small reservoir there that hangs down on the transmission end of the tractor and it has a hole in it. When I started the old girl up today oil came out of that hole like a sieve. I am not sure what the little hole is for or if there is suppose to be a bolt in there but I am pretty damned sure engine oil is not suppose to be that far back and that it is more than likely coming from the engine hence the main seal theory.

Anyway these are the before pictures now. If she is worth saving she will come back looking much different in a few months.

The mechanic who is working on her has given me permission to come visit too :)

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!!!


  1. Good luck! Hope she makes it back good as new. The old tractors sure carry a lot of character. We have sent ours off for work a couple of times too.

    1. Lisa - I am keeping my fingers crossed. I always wanted an old Diesel Red Belly and her and I did a hell of a job getting the hay put up this Summer then she blew up and I have just been sick about it ever since. I was planning a complete engine rebuild for her anyway but wanted to wait a year or so. I seriously hope she is fixable as a diesel though.I still get old Ford enthusiasts that tell me they have never seen one of these in diesel before only heard about them.

  2. If it was a rear seal and the bearing on the crank that turned it can usually be machined down and a larger bearing installed. Those "8" series tractors were tough tractors. We had a '58 801 that lasted 3 generations over 45 years before it was sold for about three times what my Gramps paid for it new.

    1. Tony - Thanks. That is exactly what I am thinking/hoping for at this point. I am pretty sure it was the tiller I attached to her that did the final damage and I shut her off before the clanking got too bad but I am sure it threw a bearing. I know you can get the over sized bearing for them still. The plan is to do just what you are saying along with the extensive overhaul and new clutch while we are at it. Of course the final verdict won't be in until she is opened up though.

  3. 134 / 144 / 172 / 192 have same bolt pattern if that helps swamping from diesel to gas to have to change some stuff hope that helps

  4. I hope she comes back raring to go and dosent need too much surgery :-)

  5. The tractor girls were seen running it wide open on a beer run to town while you were gone one day.
    Getting it fixed will be the best long run path to take as having a like new diesel will do things that an 8N can't quite do. You won't have the payments of a new one.


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