Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Reading - The Newest Small-Hold Tractor and Implements

I picked up two "new" (used) old implements this weekend and another tractor. I couldn't resist. Actually it wasn't only me as it was a guys weekend out kinda thing and between my brother and my dad they went sorta crazy bidding on this old 1958 Ford 851 tractor.

Personally I wasn't all that impressed with her. As I said the serial number pegged her as a 1958 851 gas model. I am getting to know these 01 series tractors a bit better since I decided they were the model number I was planning on using for the farm and I have determined that the 58 and 59 years used a simple "801" sticker on the front and in 1960 they started putting the middle number in. Makes it a bit confusing without checking the serial number.

She started right up I will give her that but the exhaust manifold is cracked bad and the pipe under her belly is half gone.

She had a bit of a knock I didn't like but my Dad swore it was just because of the cracked manifold. The hydraulics seemed pretty weak but as I ran her a bit and worked them they seemed to strengthen up so the final conclusion (mostly my Dad's) was that they were just cold.

I am not sure what's going on with the battery. Originally the gas models were 6 volt and she has been converted to a 12 volt but I am not sure they changed her over to negative ground. I didn't think that was possible but we tried to use her to jump another tractor at the site and the ground was wrong. They also had to bungy cord the new 12 volt battery in place rather precariously as it was much larger than the old 6 volt space and they ethnically engineered a ground wire rather than replacing the original battery cable.

The 851 does not have a live PTO nor external hydraulics like my 861 diesel but she does have about the same horse power. Basically this 851 is just a slightly larger Jubilee.

On the plus side though she can handle the weight and flywheel from my baler and steers better than the 8N.

I made my decision and it was that I would go up to $1,250.00 for this tractor and nothing more. I went to the twelve fifty and stopped having been out bid up to thirteen hundred. I was going to let her go and then my Dad jumps in and buys her for fourteen hundred. I was like WTF? He then explained he would make up the difference and I owed him $1,250.00

A little explanation is in order I guess. My Dad Loves old Ford tractors as much as I do but he dislikes Diesel anything and has been trying to talk me into converting the 861 to gas which I won't do. I think his alternative motive here is to have a gas engine that can go on the diesel if it proves too costly to fix or failing in that get me to use a gas 01 series in place of the diesel. Not happening either but let the old guy dream :)

So I now have yet another tractor. My Brother comes to find out was a party to this as he convinced Dad is was better to have the larger tractor as back up in case the diesel ever quit or something in the middle of hay season. I couldn't argue that point.

I then turned around and bought a middle buster plow for some ditch projects I have on the projects list and a two bottom plow that was sadly missing one of the coulter wheels.

The Middle Buster is just a King Kutter model they run about $179.00 brand new and I picked this one up for $45.00.Nothing special but a useful little implement to have as I mentioned for doing some trench and ditch work or even light plowing before using the tiller.

I am pretty sure the two bottom plow is an old Ferguson. As I said it's missing one of the coulter wheels and assembly but the other one moves and adjusts well and so does the back furrow wheel. I ended up paying a hundred bucks for this old rust bucket and considering what plows have been bringing around here lately I feel blessed. There was a Dearborn two bottom that sold right before this one that went for $250.00 if that tells you anything.

The price of old used plows is just ridiculous around here these days. I think it's because so many people buy em for yard ornaments or something.

So I am two steps closer to the having all the implements I want for the Small-Hold. I still need a 5 or 6 foot disc and 3 point spreader yet and I admit I am kicking around the idea of a two row planter as well. That may lead to pull type combine but that's down the road a bit.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!!


  1. PP,

    Surprise!!!! You're the proud owner of a big tractor :-)

    1. Sandy - Heh ya. Not like I won't use it!!!!

    2. The more tools the better right? I love tools especially ones which make a job easier to handle.

  2. You did good on the plow and middle buster, they use them to harvest potatoes.
    The tractor should be good to back up the diesel which will end up being the main tractor after the rebuild. Just park the new one in the front yard and see what happens.

    1. Sf - Ya I think the middle buster will really be something I use more than the big plow. I am hoping for the most part to be able to disc anything around here rather than plowing it but ya never know.

      I have to kinda agree with Dad and Brother and say the 8N maybe should go before the 851 but I sure am attached to that 8N too and I like the fact I am really only the second owner and knew the original owner as well.

    2. It would be hard for me to get rid of the 8N but then I like old classics like that. It is old technology though and the 851 is an improvement as long as it doesn't have high maintenance associated with it.

    3. Sf - Well that particular 8N I don't think I could just sell outright. It's really a collectors item still being all original and with some early tidbits you can't find anymore.

      Plus I kinda grew up with that tractor.

  3. Good price on the middle buster! If they didn't put an alternator in the tractor, the "conversion" may just be a 12v battery in place of a 6v. The only reason I see to do a conversion, is so that it will charge at an idle. If points,plugs & carb. are proper, it will run just fine on 6v. 12v on a 6v starter will throw the Bendix too hard and keep breaking them. I went through 4 or 5 on my Willys MB before I found a 12 starter for it.
    I agree with you. With the lousy gas we get nowadays, diesel is more efficient & can be stored.

    1. MV - It really looks like a 12 volt alternator to me but never say never I guess no telling sometimes what's out there I don't know about or what people will do. The starter however looks original.I am going to have to investigate this more when the weather out is a bit more pleasant.

  4. How funny that your dad outbid you :-) Score on the new tractor.

    I also like chocolate in my cookies, but I now have one child who is allergic to chocolate. So on occasion I try to create cookies that don't have chocolate. Besides, I have my own hidden stash ;-)

  5. Lisa - It's funny but he does that kinda stuff when it's an old Ford tractor. He did that to me once before when I was bidding on an old Ford 3000 tractor and I was just going to let it go. Luckily the guy then wasn't going to give up because at the time I couldn't figure out how I was going to get it home.

  6. My dad's way of thinking is bigger equals better! Seems like good money, it would fetch a lot more over here!


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