Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Chicken Adventures - A New Problem Arises

It just figures when I get one problem kinda sorted out another has to pop it's head up. We got two more blue eggs today so we know both Easter Egg hens must be blue egg layers and both must be over whatever it was that shut them down.

Cause ya know apparently some types of female critters can in fact shut down their reproductive system when under stress or something. Too bad so many voters thought that claim was outlandish during the last election :)


The new problem is we got a hen who is laying her egg from the roost at night or laying it on the floor of the coop/stall and some other chickens are destroying the egg. One of the two. All we know for certain is that for the last three mornings when we go to let them out there is a broken egg on the floor of the coop.

Otherwise the girls seem to be conforming to the system now as we got nine eggs today.  We still have plenty of room for some more hens so we are actually thinking about expanding out a bit too.

My trip into Kansas today was uneventful. I wasn't far enough out from KC to make any real observations I am interested in and the Highway patrol was out so thick there was little speeding. I did see a speed trap near Columbia by the Boone county Sheriff department where they had some guy on an over pass with a hand held radar gun hiding behind the cement railing. There were about half a dozen cars behind the overpass going and catching the speeders he tagged. They had about three cars stopped when I went by.

Other than that I managed to make it in and back before the real traffic started.

Suppose to be a wet Thanksgiving here and turn colder after today. They are forecasting three or more inches of rain now. I may get a chance to get those post holes dug before real Winter sets in the way things are going now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!!!


  1. I have found eggs in some wonky places....I think it's something they all go through. We have an old bookcase that is our roost, I have moved it to clean and there will be eggs under it. Chickens are funny critters.

    Hope you have a happy thanksgving!

  2. The laying cycle is not every 24 hours, I forget but it is an odd number so they eventually work their way through the day as far as laying time goes. Typically they don't lay at night but one must be having issues with it but it will probably cycle back to day laying eventually.
    Didn't you guys have earth quakes out there today?

  3. I have one thats laying at night too and from the roost so every morning there is a smashed egg of course just the shell is left as the others have eaten the egg, I need to get it stopped before they start egg eating, I will have to try and find out who is dropping eggs from a height and move her to a roost just off the ground, in a few weeks ours are moving into new accommodation so I hope the change will put an end to it.

  4. Dennis

    Do the chickens get enough calcium? Chickens will go after eggs if they are not getting enough.

  5. Our hens are truly 'free range' at the moment, which also includes any eggs they are laying because I have not seen an egg in ages and have to buy from the local supermarket because we can't find their laying site. Ahha! But not for much longer will this carry on because a farmer friend has just put in some fencing posts around the new site for the chicken hut and run, and then the hens will be 'half free range' because they will be kept in the run until all eggs are laid in the space designated for doing so, and then they will be let out to do chickeny things on the smallholding. Well, that's the plan, the chickens might think up a different plan!

  6. I think law enforcement decided to make the long holiday weekend national speed trap week. They announced as much in NC, and people coming through VA said they were very thick on the ground.


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