Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Chicken Adventures - The Bachelor Duo is No More

Today I let the hens out into the world. They were more than ready for it. A couple of them were literally charging the door to the coop/stall whenever I went in.

You know that old saying be careful what ya wish for and all.

The hens never made it more than a couple of feet away from the coop door. I designed the gates on the outside fence so the chickens could run through them and the fence itself isn't more than four feet tall anyway. Yet the hens refused to cross the outer barrier.

The hens seemed content though to wander around in the hallway I created and the adjacent stall near the coop and the nesting boxes. They even left a couple of eggs.

The roosters would come up to the back gate that opens out into the main barn where the sheep stay and peer in at the hens. Yet neither team rooster nor team hen appeared ready to mix it up. Then after the day was mostly over the roosters made their play.

I quickly figured out that Bullwinkle needs his name changed to Romeo or Casanova. He immediately took an interest in one of the Americuna hens. He would come up to her and extend his wing out then run over and get some food out of the feeder and bring it to her all gentlemanly like. Bullwinkle was soundly rejected by each hen. One of the older black hens even chased him away pecking at him.

Rocky on the other hand wasn't having none of this chicken equality courtship crap. He saw what he wanted and there wasn't going to be any argument. Thanks for the memories chicky. Off to the next one.

Guess which one had the good time? There is a lesson here for all the nice guys out there I think.

Finally one of the hens jumped up a mouse and Rocky actually chased it down and killed it then ran off with his prize leaving Bullwinkle to figure out that in the world of chicken romance nice guys errr roosters finish last. Eventually even Bullwinkle's patience ran out and he asserted himself a little more. By the time evening hit the hens were looking very wore out and not pleased by the invading rooster team.

Rocky went back to the bachelor pad but Bullwinkle decided he was staying with the hens and got shut in the coop for the night.

It appears that the dynamic rooster duo bachelor roost is no more. Maybe Bullwinkle's strategy will pay off more in the long run especially if Rocky gets eaten by something.

One of the Red hens did finally fly over the fence about an hour before sunset to get away from Rocky. Rocky seemed to favor the two young Red-Sex link hens more than the others and they were not happy about his attentions. That one Red hen was the only one I saw leave the immediate coop area and she quickly ran back.

I still haven't received the other six hens I am suppose to get so these girls were getting a bit more attention than they should be. The pickup time got pushed back until tomorrow but the hens needed out of that stall. When the new hens get here I will lock em up again for a few days and start the cycle all over.

Not sure if I will leave Bullwinkle in with them or not.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. When the new hens do arrive, wait until after it gets dark and everyone is roosting for the night, Then slip the new ones on the perch, and the next morning when it gets light the new ones are usually treated as if they've been there all along. Don't ask my why, maybe the old ones figure "these new girls slept with us, it must be ok." There may still be a bit of discussion about pecking order, but generally its much calmer than introducing them when it's light out and the new ones are seen as intruders

    1. NS - Good advice. I actually did it that way when I introduced the two groups I have now together and it seemed to work as you say. The two groups still don't like each other much but they do get along with out too much fuss.

  2. Oh, you would end up with a bunch of feminist multi-cult hens wouldn't you....

    So..... after watching the urinating context going on between Kenny and the convict, what do you think?

    Matt ( I'm on my smart phone and don't want to sign in )

    1. Matt - Wirecutter and Kerodin had a falling out and took shots at each other. Knowing what I know of each I was kinda surprised they were such internet allies for so long actually. I don't mean that as a slight against either one them at all, they are just rather different at least from the internet presence I am familiar with.

      I agree with a lot of Kerodin's philosophy on things to a point but that felony conviction is going to haunt him forever and anytime money comes up it is going to turn against him no matter what I fear.

      My opinion on the matter means nothing though. Five years or more ago I thought I was going to have to be a real run and gunner but as this slow slide continues I need to face facts. I am going to be far too old to be of much fighting value by the time it goes live and my paltry military experience as a gun bunny ain't gonna get me any respect in the militia-side of the III% anyway. Personally I think far too many of the so-called internet III% leaders are either in the same boat I am or if they have actual military credentials they have been indoctrinated into the current government multi-cult mindset anyway.

      I think the real leaders will emerge when the time comes.

  3. My new additions have settled down fine and all is quiet n the hen house, now just waiting for them all to get into egg production :-)

  4. Sounds like Bullwinkle might be a good rooster in the long run if he brought food. He will probably watch for predators. Eventually hens will be more cooperative for him, kind of how the whole marriage thing got started. It depends one which rooster fights better in the end though.

  5. you have lots of readers who can give you good advice as they have been raising chickens for so long...so my comments on chicken adventure posts will have to be "this is fun and i am learning a lot! keep the chicken adventure posts coming!"

    sending love bro. your friend,


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