Thursday, July 2, 2015

This is just getting Surreal Now

We got more rain all day yesterday. As the light from the sun we never saw was fading I went out and watched a massive front move along the Northern edge of the horizon while sending a large part of it's swirling mass down our way. The wind picked up and a wall of water came roaring in that dumped another 3 inches of rain on us. The wind was shearing off trees all around the area and apparently spawned off a tornado or two that went on to visit the St. Louis area last night.

The forecast claims we should have partly cloudy skies this morning while radar shows no rain in the area but walking outside confirms something is lying as the rain is still coming down.

I spent yesterday afternoon spreading out more straw and old dried hay from the loft attempting to give the ewes and lambs something dry to lounge around on. The ground is so saturated and the rain is coming down so hard that it is over flowing my drainage ditch and pouring into the barn.

This morning I made a little run into the gas station in the nearest little town (population like 380) and saw all my neighbors hanging out wondering what to do. All the big professional farmers are just stuck right now. They managed to get a little hay and a few fields of the Spring wheat harvested earlier this week but most is still out there. As far as I can tell outside of the river bottom areas no one has put in any soybean, corn or milo yet this year and those in the low areas that did get corn in are now watching the fields flood.

We could still get some bumper hay harvesting done this year if it would just stop raining but I am beginning to think that simply is not going to happen. The storms we are seeing now are typical late May early June type storms that should have been winding down three weeks ago at least.

Even the forecasters are baffled. Sunday they had us listed as drying out for the week and by Monday morning had put rain back in the forecast almost everyday.

I guess I will go clean my shop up once again. Not much else there is to do right now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. We are getting afternoon storms as usual which messes up hay, at least for those who still care about quality. Now they just seal it in plastic and it develops into a rolled silage type of product for cattle. We are so damp that I think there is some new fungus as I can cut a green tree in June and by late fall it will have mushrooms growing out of it. I don't remember wood doing that.

  2. At what point does this start to impact food priced Preppy?

  3. Sounds like your having our weather. No chance of rain and we get a storm a couple nights back bout 4 in the morning, down pour for bout an hour and half... but no chance of rain...
    Your last comment made me laugh and I needed a laugh. :O) thanks

  4. PP, It's been raining hard here with all kinds of lightning, thunder, and wind all night long. I hear things falling down outside, woke up, and have been up since all the noise. When things calm down, I'll go out and check on everything. Till then, time to brew some coffee now that I'm up for the day.


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