Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Coming Soon to the Entire Western World

Greece and Puerto Rico have been in trouble for years now. Nothing new and nothing anyone couldn't see coming. Financial collapse doomsayers, including myself, have written about them, predicted the eventual outcome, painted the picture for years. There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to be caught off guard. I am still not convinced the Greek tradgi-Comedy is actually hitting the proverbial wall yet. It will not surprise me to see the EU, ECB and IMF extend yet another loan or excuse payments on Greek debt to let them continue to kick the can a bit longer. All that does is assure this scenario will show itself again in a month, a year, two years.

Yet for now we get at least a small glimpse into the inevitable future. Not just of Greece but for all the debt laden Western countries who have been sacrificing their children for their own comfort for decades.

Greece is a small potato in the grand scheme of things. They don't have a continually available printing press to make themselves more zeros to hand out to banks and they don't have the luxury of the Petro Dollar/Reserve currency. So it is coming up to the edge of the cliff first.

As the rains continue to pour down here today I have been catching up on the nuances of this latest chapter in Greek debt and generational theft. What was most telling to me were the demographics of the various Greeks at the various Yes or No referendum protests.

The younger Greeks want out of the EU while by and large the older Greeks want to stay in. This massive retirement debt, a political system ravaged by Feminist, Liberal ideology and Multi-Cult DIE-versity does absolutely nothing for the younger Greeks except hand them the bill and they are sick of it.

The old pensioners and bloated government hold outs of course want to keep the debt piling up and live the comfortable life hoping to push the payback off onto the young. At least in Greece there isn't such a population gap between the Boomer age and the younger Greeks so the younger generations have a chance to save themselves. In the US things are going to have to get much worse before they begin to change.

I am not going to lie nothing would give me more of a smirk than to see some government pensioner who retired at 52 from their cushy government job while complaining they don't get enough and need a cost of living increase as they sail away on their third vacation of the year to have to fight at the bank doors to buy groceries. Anyone who feels it is justified to accept a promise of debt onto another for their own comfort deserves a bit of humility in my opinion.

But let's not gloat.

I suggest anyone who is receiving government benefits open their eyes for a change. If someone else is in charge of or gives you your money then it is not yours until it is in your hand. Period. The politicians promised you something they had no right to promise and the politicians can take it away and surely will once the mood of the masses shifts. Of course that can be said about most everything in today's world but keep in mind land, stored items, foodstuffs and other tangible goods require a bit more work to take away than simply locking a door.

Take this latest quote from the Governor of Puerto Rico for instance:  The governor did not specifically say that debts would be restructured. He did, however, say that he was “guaranteeing our citizens essential services and our pensioners a just income.”

If I was a pensioner that would make me take a long pause for thought.

All of us, whether pensioners or not, better prepare for the day those bank doors are closed. We better have a plan that will allow us to keep ourselves alive that goes beyond some promise of forcing others to pay our way. Money payments and tangibles can be confiscated but skills are forever and nothing short of death or incarceration can keep you from using them.

Like it or not the above picture is our future. It may take a year, five years, ten or more. Perhaps you may not be around for this eventuality. I guess if that is the case you can say you won the game and forced the bill on your children and grand children. Not something I would want haunting me on my deathbed but whatever floats your boat.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Preppy - I have been watching the slow-motion train wreck that has become the Greek Repayment drama with more than a little interest. If this is creating so much concern and almost-instability, what happens when it goes viral?

    1. TB - Well really Greece isn't big enough to matter much except as a warning sign. It's really just a small model of a train wreck. I think in total it's entire population and economy size is about that of Vermont or something. The big money players will ignore it while the little guys might take the warning. Overall they will just try and cover it up I imagine.

  2. A sad sight to behold. When will folks learn. As far as P.R. tax the ones who are living state side to support the home island folk...LOL

    To this day we are still debt free. Only pay cash for everything.

    1. Rob - I am betting we end up forgiving the PR debt and then bailing em out before it is all over and making the investors take the haircut.

  3. I am putting my efforts into preparing for what is coming, I am tired of being laughed at when I tell people about the situation. Sustainable food and heating has been the priority. I just got 28 more chicks and I am looking at a pig that will be ready to butcher in the winter and it will eat the excess crops that I can't save.

  4. I thinks the rest of the PIGS with perhaps the exception of Spain( replaced by Puerto Rico), are just the start of the coming financial reconing, Just look at US. We have the fed screwing with our economy, Look at the labor participation rate..63% that is shameful. Interesting though that old farts like me have the highest percentage and youngsters have the lowest. some how that seems backwards.

    Hope your rain stops soon dude.

    Carl in the UP

    Hope your rain stops soon dude...

  5. It is an artificially generated situation, but those (think Mao's Great Leap) are often the worst. The old folks opting for status quo is interesting as recall that it was the elder folks who also kept Scotland within Great Britain since they were worried about the future of their pensions.


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