Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Little Trip Through Iowa

Making a run up through Northern Missouri and on in to North Central Iowa today and tomorrow. I really enjoy those trips through Iowa. The roads are nice although apparently Iowa has little money to spend on road signs, especially speed limit signs, so if you miss one you are out of luck for miles. Better catch the reduced speed ones the first time is all I can say. Also if you see an opportunity to stop and pee somewhere you better take it cause they seem to be few and far between off the interstates anyway.

Once you get a little ways North of the Missouri/Iowa border you don't have to watch out for Amish carriages near as much. The land opens up and the fields and tractors get bigger and the entire landscape just looks clean and fresh and orderly. The trees get rather puny though. Once you get close to the middle of Iowa and go up what I would call a small hill on the road you can see for miles and I am always amazed at all the farms you can see scattered around within the patchwork quilt of fields and pastures.

Kinda reminds me of a farmerville video game or something.

It really is some lush beautiful country and although it looks to be wide open and easily traveled I am betting getting off road on foot would be a long haul with many obstacles that look small at first but would be huge when you get up to them. The people are always nice and cheerful although sometimes their voting record, especially in Presidential years makes me wonder if there isn't some type of crazy illness that strikes them occasionally. Perhaps it's the cold winds that start up in November up there that somehow zaps their brains or something. I never have figured it out by chatting with them.

One thing I have been noticing though is that there seems to be even more Black Locust in Iowa than in Missouri and theirs are still blooming up here. Actually the Southern part of Iowa Locust were all pretty much finished and drying up but from about the Ottumwa area on they were in prime bloom although I never saw any really big specimens there were large patches of them everywhere.

Oh ya and it's still cold up here. Only in the 50's this afternoon and they are calling for frost tonight.

Lot's of sheep and horses along the roads. A lot more sheep than I see in Missouri although not as many goats.

Should be back to regular posting on Wednesday. Now that I have the first two stages of the fence project finished I can take some longer trips and have my mother feed the sheep. She can close em up in one section and put the grain out without getting knocked down and whining like a mule now :)

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Sounds almost like a vacation. A little time away from things is nice but then it is all waiting for you when you get back. Hot and humid here with some storms in the afternoons. Don't drink the water there, you might start chanting "Hillary".

  2. safe travels! my favorite thing to do is travel.
    gonna visit my mom june 6th, if you are in the Gainesville area, let me know!

  3. Have a good trip, I'd love to drive around America someday but rural America not the cities.

  4. I flew an Aeronca over that area once. Miles and miles of patchwork farms. Not many hillss. I wouldn't want to live there.

  5. The Ravishing Mrs. TBs family is from Iowa. We have enjoyed it when we have visited. Probably too cold for my tastes, though.


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