Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Well That Goal was Blown Up

It's now a bit after 7 PM here and I am just now sitting down to catch up with the world. I hit the frozen ground this morning as the sun came up forking hay then immediately went to work on the retirement cabin. As it stands right now I am actually way ahead of where I wanted to be today with only two and a half sheets of paneling left to hang and whatever kinda patchwork scheme I can come up with for the wall around the the door and twin window area.  My Mother wanted this specific type of more expensive paneling there and they only had a few sheets in stock. I can do it but it is going to take some patching in with left overs. Won't matter in the end as so much will be covered with the trim and that's what she wants.

I could easily have my the pressing part of this project done by noon tomorrow I think and finally begin catching up on my other neglected duties but I got called in to make a rather lengthy work run tomorrow. SO it looks like the new time frame estimate is now New Year's Day at the earliest.

So other than that little turn of events I have no clue what has went on in the world today nor have I done anything but feed animals and measure/cut then hang paneling.

Ya I know what an exciting sustainable life I am leading right now huh? I have also fallen behind on my bullet casting too.

Keep Prepping Everyone !!!!


  1. In the end life is filled with more mundane things than not! But, that's just the way it is.

    1. Leigh - Yes it is. That's what makes blogging so difficult coming up with exciting topics all the time. It's mostly boring old chores and mundane jobs :)

  2. PP,

    And we all know there's plenty of boring chores to keep us all busy on our homesteads, farms, or ranches.


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