Friday, December 26, 2014

The Floor is Done

Finally the floors are done. I put carpeting down on the little loft storage area and managed to actually talk a little sense into my Mother about the floor in the main area. What you see above is half of the Eastern end of the main room, the rest of the little cabin is behind me with the little L shaped additions area that get's added on later. As I have said before if I was a bachelor again it would be perfect for me but mark my words she is going to have a bit of an issue getting all her hobby and craft type stuff in here when push comes to shove.

Anyway we took the boxes of that fake hardwood flooring, channel like, Mickey Mouse, Puzzle BS stuff back today and then went shopping for something a little more forgiving. There is no way I am going to attempt to level that floor out 1/16th of an inch for fake hardwood flooring, it just isn't worth it.

Halfway through the shopping trip I got to hear my Mother's spiel about how she always knew she was going to live her life out in a barn. At which point I couldn't resist to interject that barns typically had dirt or bedding floors not something she picked out cause it looked pretty.

She ignored me.

Personally if what I wanted in my retirement was to be able to live in a small space close to my aging old useless horseflesh pets I think I would be happy with a floor that was smooth and painted. Then again I have never understood all this decorated floors and frilly wall type stuff anyway. My point is after she puts down the large throw rugs she wants you aren't going to be able to see the floor covering anyway so why spend the damned money?

I found a perfectly suitable off white floor covering that came up to .49 cents a square foot but of course it was ugly and out dated for her. Yep the entire foot or so of it that is going to show is worth plunking down twice that amount. Which is still better than what she really wanted which was of course almost another dollar a foot more expensive even yet. Seriously I don't get it. A nice heavy coat of battleship gray oil based floor paint would have been fine if you ask me.

At least this was easy to install. I rolled it out, pulled it around until the bubbles were out of it and trimmed it down. There are still a  few places I need to trim a bit more but we are now ready for the wall covering. No telling what she is going to want for that.

Luckily she has some kind of meeting or something tomorrow so I will be able to catch up on my wood splitting once again. I will be happy when I get this all finished though as it is really starting to eat into my other project time.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Dude I would love to live there. It beats being trailer trash. evil grin...

  2. Glad you don't have to fool with that fake wood flooring, It wouldn't hold up anyway.
    I am supposed to put down some flooring but it is the real wood kind.

  3. PP,

    You're a good son to do this for your mother! Get her all taken care of :-)


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