Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Reading - Work Continues, Duties Increase

I must start off this post with an apology. I have had little as far as projects, pictures or ideas to post the last few weeks because I am spending most of my days getting this little cabin finished for my Mother. I should also be well on my way with some more stories to add to the fiction section but haven't even had a minute to work on them so far. She is a slave driver too let me tell you as each day seems to stiffen her resolve that this is what she wants to do. The insulation is hung, the wiring all run, the floor is finished and I got all the carpet laid on the little loft area, the only thing left (which I started today) was the wall covering and ceiling. I actually think she is planning on moving in after the walls are done from the way she talked this morning.

It doesn't help that the walls are not a standard 8 foot high or that the electrical boxes are all placed so it requires a lot of extra measuring but I actually got the first two sheets hung this afternoon. I wanted her to go with OBS boards but she found some paneling she really liked that came out cheaper, there was also so much in stock that I imagine if I screw up a piece we can replace it easily.

Just to get the wall coverings this morning required me to unload the firewood from the truck, clean out the bed because we can't use her truck due to the 5th wheel hitch in the middle, pick up the paneling, unload, then I had to split another load of wood for the cold front moving in this week.

On top of finishing out this mini-retirement home however I have had to take on several other new duties. With this break up finally entering the end stage it has fallen to me to take care of all the animals morning and evening now. Before Mom and Step Dad did the feeding unless it was bad weather or the occasional scheduling conflict but now it's all on me. The 20-some-odd yearlings are pretty easy as they have round bales they munch on but the 18 ewes and 2 rams require morning and evening hay forking. Not a huge time sink but it all adds up.

The other problem I have is moving the round bales. They are not the huge 8 foot bales only the smaller 5 foot ones but I am pretty sure I am not going to be able to move them with the 8N. I am going to try once I have some time but until then I been having the neighbor move em but that requires a bit of time coordinating. As I have said I hope the round bale issue becomes a non-problem after this Winter when I plan to go back to all small square bales but for now I have what I have.

I still have all the other duties as well. Keeping up with the firewood, miscellaneous repairs etc. but until I get this little cabin finished there isn't much room for anything else including blogging, at least interesting blogging anyway :)

If I hurry and work stays slow I may be able to get the walls finished by New Years though so there is some hope.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

Edit: I added in a You Tibe video of a guy moving round bales with his 8N


  1. Can you make a pallet sleigh type of thing and roll the bale on it and tie it down then pull it with the 8n? My Ferguson is too light to lift one but I know it would drag one easily.

    1. Sf - Well there are you tube videos of guys moving the 4x4 round bales with an 8N. My guess is it would depend on the weight of the bale and what kind of shape the hydraulics are in. Ont he 3 point the max is suppose to be 800 pounds and I am betting the 4x4 bales come in under 600 or so. But if the hydraulics are not in top shape it could drop the whole tractor and spill fluid everywhere.

      I am toying with an idea of rebar hammered through the middle and chains thereby just rolling the thing like a big wheel.

    2. But ya know a little haybale wagon would be easy to make too....

    3. I thought about driving a pipe or something through one but have never done it and wasn't sure how easy it would be. It should work though. I never got that far when I fed round and just had them dropped near the field and put a cover over them and tore them apart and fed with a pitch fork. See what the 8N will do and take a photo!

    4. I don't know about a pipe but some half inch re-bar should go through with a good hammering. I guess it would depend on how tight the bale is though. I don't know I am scared to try cause I am afraid I might blow the seals on the small tractors hydraulics.


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