Friday, November 7, 2014

Say Goodbye Bob, All Good Things Must End

Day two of the great sheep move is so far progressing much easier than expected. Yesterday evening I locked the two whethers up in a stall together when it was feeding time. This morning bright and early they found out why.

After putting the yearling flock out on the pasture and feeding the two breeding groups we wrestled the two Whethers into the stock trailer and took them to their new home.

That's right believe it or not we found a sucker to take them. There was no way in hell my Mother was going to let us take em to market and they were entirely too unruly and pet-like to keep around. The one in the picture is named Bob and he was easily the largest sheep on the place and as fat as a steer.

He knew all the tricks too. He knew how to get the feed cans open. He knew how to avoid or circumvent electric fences, he knew his weight was enough to get him out of going into pens etc. And Bob, who had been raised as a dog also didn't like other sheep. In fact he resented being placed with them. The other Whether is a mini-chavoit who isn't much trouble but is just scared of his own shadow and tended to always run where we didn't want him to go, dragging other sheep with him. They are going to a lady that has a small pasture and barn but no other critters. She just wanted a couple of sheep to keep the pasture eaten.

Or so she says lol they maybe mutton by next week, wouldn't be the first time that sort of thing has happened.

Now if I could just find a home for the four useless nags of horseflesh out there we would have all the useless deadweight gone. I think I will let the donkey stay however.

So the two Whethers are loaded up and on their way. I guess the deal could still fall through though so maybe I am celebrating something that hasn't happened yet.

My trusty cutting crew however are still looking at me like I betrayed them. This is 115 and it is her first year in with the Mule Ram. She was such a sweetheart all Summer and got fat like the rest of them. She did have a bit of a problem teasing the Rams a bit and is paying for it today by getting a little special attention from Frazer.

Before loading up the Whethers we also got two more of the breeding Ewes down from the Summer pasture. One still remains up there along with two yearlings but we are waiting until after the whethers are delivered before getting them. By that time they should be wanting grain enough to load easily.

After that we are done for a week or so until it's time to start separating out the yearlings. We should have three groups. Those going to market, those going to slaughter, and those we are keeping. We will then begin fattening up the slaughter yearlings.

Just like I told 115 this morning. "The easy days of Summer are over, time to get to work now".

She wasn't happy about that but things are settling down.

Update: The two whethers were delivered and are now officially gone.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Replies
    1. RP - Thanks. Now on to other matters. Finished mowing and trimming along the electric fence line for Winter. Should be nothing to ground it out now. I think I am finally finished with mowing for the year. Prolly a month later than usual.

  2. PP,

    It's now officially time to celebrate!!!!!

    1. Sandy - Except I have to say if this were July I would be mowing again. The grass is actually way too tall again but I am betting on another freeze finishing it off before it get's much taller.

      But the whethers are gone!!!

  3. I wouldn't know whether or not to drive sheep or just park them somewhere.

    1. Sf - They don't park real well. They tend to have faulty brakes and roll to the nearest patch of green :)


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