Monday, August 4, 2014

Tractor Time : Old Fords II

I got called into work early this morning and didn't have time to work on a post for today. Maybe later tonight if this headache goes away.

So focus your gaze on some beautiful old tractors once again featuring the old Ford workhorses.

Always good for catching the eye as you cruise down the highway and still ready to get the job done.

Then again I admit I am biased... As usual click for larger image.


  1. You have such a dedicated crew of tractor drivers and the neat thing is that you don't spend a whole lot on uniforms!

  2. I was gonna say something about your post but I like Fords.I'll wait for the next post to critique.

  3. There's a woman who has a blog, she puts tractors on it. I think it's called The Front Porch or something like that. Her tractors are just tractors, though.


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