Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tractor Time : But, but, but, where's the vanity mirror?

Owning a tractor and having it around to help out on the farm saves a lot of time and money

But watching.....

Carolyn, Sandy, Kymber, JuGM, Kelly and Jane try to figure out how to start one is priceless :)

Ya I know here come all the stories about how they are natural born tractor handlers....

In 1...2....3...


  1. I bet some of the ladies can fire them up and go to town. Stay At Home Daughter comes to mind.

    I see women driving tractors here when they harvest the corn, but they all look about my age. Maybe it's not popular with the younger set?

    1. Ya know when I was younger I used to see the girls driving em around all the time actually. Never the big ones mind you but it was pretty common to see the teenage girls following along behind their dads on the older tractors kept for secondary work. These days I don't see any younger girls on them it's all teenage boys.

      Maybe there is just more boys than girls around here now though.

  2. The only time I have seen a girl on a tractor is at a parade, I'm sure it happens but maybe I can't tell they are girls.

  3. Plenty of girls drove tractors back in the day. Well, back in my day anyway, but let's not speak of how long ago that was...

  4. Ha!!!! Too funny!!!! I don't have a tractor but if I did your probably right I wouldn't know how to start it LOL!!!!

  5. you show me a tractor, any tractor, or any heavy equipment for that matter...and i will drive that baby! you, my dear wiener, forget that i served 2 tours in Alert. all of the keys for all of the equipment was kept in the vehicles. AAAAAAALLLLLLL of us had to know how to drive a caterpillar! all of us had to be trained to drive any sized heavy equipment! so you show me a vehicle buddy - and i'll figure out how to drive it. period. oh and then there was the time that i flew a Herc. on autopilot mind you, but i flew that damn thing from Alert to Greenland! so there!

    i still love ya but you are a wiener for including me in this post. you wiener!

    your friend,

    1. LOL You deserve it about as much as I deserve the wiener comment :)


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