Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Redbud Trees in Bloom

I know I mentioned this a while back but the more I peak inside the hives and get my Spring inspections done the more I realize this Winter was a very near run thing. I may have only lost one real hive but almost all of them suffered some huge losses and all of them have a lot of open comb so far. I really should have removed a couple of brood chambers here and there but the girls have been back filling with uncapped honey so I don't want to hurt em. I hope at this point they manage to build up and the extra space doesn't attract pests but most of the queens have a lot of eggs to lay to make up for this Winter's losses.

The Redbud blooms finally opened up enough that the bees are working them pretty hard today. One thing I can say about this part of Missouri is there are a lot of Redbud trees. I think we have a good dozen just in and around the yard but the woods are full of em and my outter hives work them hard each Spring.

Work proceeds on the garden, new raised beds, grape run and seedlings although I haven't actually planted a seed outside yet. So far it's all been building frames, hauling dirt and nailing up the panels I saved from the fence line tear out. We got some more rain last night but the ground is remaining dry enough to work but there really isn't much hurry I usually only aim to get seeds in the ground the first week of May.

Really I have nothing to complain about this year at all now since the cold broke. It hasn't been too wet and it isn't too dry. The grass is of course growing faster than I would like but so far this Spring has been almost perfect and I have gotten a lot done. In fact I got so much done this weekend and then made a mowing run on the three yards I take care of I almost couldn't move this morning I was so stiff.

Why I felt like Harry this morning :)

I know this is going to leave many of you stunned but I just have nothing to complain about around the farm this Spring (so far). I really need to work on that and find something I guess.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Sounds like things are going good. I saw you and Matt and Kymber had a discussion and nobody got mad or ugly. I was immediately suspicious that this was a case of imitative deception and the FBI was on their pretending to be you folks!

    I had a better day today. I didn't do jack except listen to smooth jazz, drink coffee, sit on the porch and smoke my pipe furiously, and read a little.

    1. Harry, Kymber never gets to acting ugly or mad, and certainly neither PP or myself ever have. Right, PP?

  2. Just a bumble bee after our redbud still very few honey bees coming here. Too much drive by farming going on in the fields and a cold winter.

  3. I have not seen any bees here yet, but the trees are not doing anything yet.

  4. why did I say "their" when I meant "there." It must be the FBI, changing my comments to make me look senile. Yeah, that's it......

  5. I know how you feel. This time of the year is all go. Spent four days dragging the last of this years timber out of the woods with our horses now the ground is dry. Then a very long day on the saw mill planking it all. Along with ploughing two fields that were to wet last year, harrowing, manure spreading, sorting the polytunnels, refilling the hot beds not to mention livestock care and late lambs. Someone asked me yesterday did I enjoy the Easter bank holiday, lol! All I can say is thank god I dont have bees too.

  6. Soon as my truck is packed I'll be up to help. Standby. Should I bring gloves....

  7. PP,

    Wow.........nothing to complain about......
    Hmmmm nah, I can't even harass you about having nothing to complain about. I think you just need to enjoy this nice quiet day with your bees and redbuds.

  8. Spent part of Sunday planting the garden with daughter #3, eyeing the other things I can do in the backyard. There's never enough time.


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