Friday, April 4, 2014

Don't it Just Figure

After the waves followed by waves of strong thunderstorms yesterday and last night and then a temperature dip that actually required me to fire up the wood furnace again this morning it was a given that one of those ewes was gonna pop today.

I went out this morning and put down a fresh bed of straw in each of the birthing stalls since I wasn't sure either which one was going to start this train ride or which stall they would choose to do it in. I then headed back over to the bee tree to actually climb up there and see how deep the bee colony went.

It was a good day to go poking around in there since it was too cold for the bees who remain to break their ball and come after me. The good news is that pretty much the entire inside of the hive is exposed. The bad news is that pretty much the entire inside of the hive is exposed. If those bees survive the rain pounding they got yesterday followed by the freezing last night and tonight I will be surprised, but digging em out if they do survive should be easier than I thought.

That is if digging out comb and rubber banding it into empty frames while on a 20 foot ladder with pissed off bees buzzing around can be considered easy.

Anyway so when I returned to the Small-Hold I went to check on the ewes and sure enough the two little orange bundles of joy pictured above were waiting there for me. I dried em off and then my Mom arrived to clip their cords and put the iodine on em while I held the little shivering bundles for her. Looks like they are both ewes as well so a nice addition of two new breeders to the flock. I think I heard Frazer out in his paddock fist pumping and saying "Yes" real loud as well.

He has at least another year and a half before he will be introduced to these girls and after he broke my barn his continued stud position is in question anyway. That crazy ram busted a 2 inch thick plank of 100 year old oak that you can't even drive a nail into, which then caused the door to one of the stalls to sag and crack as well. He is on my shit list at the moment.

We finally got both little lambs up and nursing happily all dried off and at least warmer than they had been. We even added a bit more straw for them to snuggle down into. So the first two lambs are out now. My guess is only 26 more to come but we will see.

My girl Seven is finally over the shock of the her miscarriage and vet visit and tried to eat my camera today along with demanding neck rubs.

She pretty much wouldn't let me near her the last week or so until today again. I tried to get a better picture but in that dark barn it's kinda hard to do waiting on the flash and all.

Looks like it's going to be docking tails and ear tag time in a few days.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Preppy, those lambs are too cute! the one in the rear is posed like a little fawn.

    Good luck with your tree hive. I caught a swarm today. It was on the bottom of the trap and I was afraid they were just resting there so I moved them to a brood box. Now I hope they stay!

  2. If the weather would cooperate you would get those bees, they might enjoy being in a new hive after what they have been through.

  3. Congrats on the new ewes! I hope your bees surprise you, too.

  4. Make your man Frazer a worker, pulling a cart around like a mule..Bhahahaha.

  5. PP,

    Congratulations on the new ewes, they're cute :-)

    Um.....Number 7 looks like she's going to grab your camera and run, look at that eye just watching you.

  6. I want to play kissy face with all those cuties!


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