Monday, March 24, 2014

Why I hate Civilization and Femocrats

The little wife came home grumpy recently because her boss who had been away on an extended trip for government paid meetings had come back and was trying to figure out how to get reimbursed for all the alcohol he had purchased while staying in DC. Of course. I am sure it was at a very fine hotel and I am just convinced they got all kinds of super important stuff done... Ya right.

Anyway the wife had to tell him exactly why he couldn't get reimbursed for the alcohol and then that put said bureaucrat in a fine mood and he took it out on guess who?

Nothing new about this scenario I know. The government wastes our money and we allow it.

Today however I had to re-enter civilization. Oh sure I have run into town now and again but honestly the last year and a half have been nothing but pure bliss for me because I have managed to avoid civilization for the most part. I knew when I stopped playing the game back in 2012 that unless things declined much faster than they appeared to be going that I would have to eventually go back to work. I figured then I had enough funds saved up to last about 3 years if needed and I still have over a year left but I was offered a part time job that seems bearable and workable so why put it off?

Of course I had to take a drug test..... then I had to wait for that to come back.... then this morning they call and tell me I need a drivers license, birth certificate, SS card and a voided check all to be placed on file before I can begin filling out the mound of paperwork that I have to initial letting them know I read it all. It even comes with a DVD to watch.

Seriously do we really NEED all this paperwork?

The problem is I had everything except a birth certificate. I don't think I have seen a birth certificate since I joined the army like 100 years ago or so.

So here I am heading to the neighboring counties health department to get a brand new birth certificate........

OK Now you guys know me, you know my politics. Now imagine me at a county health department.

I walk in and there is like nobody (I mean clients)  in the lobby. WOW I might make it out of this place with my blood pressure near normal. I mean the place wasn't closed for employee meetings or one of the bizzillion paid holidays the government employees get that we little people don't so perhaps this is a battle I can win for a change. Nothing was closed for my convenience!!!

There is a receptionist woman behind the glassed in booth thing and she was pretty friendly and cheerful and tells me she will be happy to get my birth certificate for me all I have to do is fill out the form she handed to me.

This form had all kinds of useful lines to fill out like "What is your relationship to the person who's birth certificate you are requesting"?

So I wrote "It's ME!!!".

Then a little further down it asked "Does this person live with you?"

I wrote "Barely when he has to"

Then it asked "Were you present at the birth?"

I wrote "I hope so."

Then as I was getting up I snagged the high dollar plastic spoon that was attached to the printed promotional pen by scotch tape on the chair arm by mistake and snapped the spoon off. Oops sorry.

The lady tells me it will be a few minutes and then turns to chat with what appears to be four nurse-type employees, another receptionist and the two WIC receptionists.

This little employee meeting goes on for a good 20 minutes are so while I sit there wondering why this place needs eight employees standing around bitching about their husbands, and that is just in the first few square feet of the place I am allowed access to. How many more are behind those doors I wonder?

After about 30 minutes people come in. Five lively young Black girls who I am sure outweighed me by about 30 pounds or more per person and each had a phone about the size of my kindle (Nook) in their hand. They walked up to the receptionist desk and demanded a medicaid (Medicare whichever) form for their pregnancy. The receptionist asked which one was pregnant and the front girl replied they each needed one because they were all pregnant.

I was wondering if it was the same father. No I didn't ask.

The other four were too busy texting on their handheld kindle phones to look up.

At this point my certificate came spitting out of a printer and the receptionist lady motioned to me to come up and get it except the group of pregnant girl's spokeswoman refused to move aside so I could get to the little window.

I said excuse me and she turned and looked right at me without moving. I took another step forward until my nose was less than a centimeter away from hers and just stared right into her eyes. Finally she moved aside.

The eight gainfully employed and paid by our tax dollars employees were just staring at this entire interaction and saying nothing. The receptionist finally said to me "That will be 15 dollars please."

I pulled out the money I had on me which was a couple of twenties, some fives etc. and she laughing said just give us all your money. So I just handed her the stack. She's like NO I was just kidding at which point I said...

"Well your Female and work for the government, with that combination in play I never expected to leave here with my money anyway".

The receptionist laughed but one of the "very busy" employees said she didn't find that funny. I said no your right it isn't.

And we wonder why this country is going broke.

Another couple of years standing around and they will each have a pension too.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. I try to avoid going to the county all times. years ago we had to go to a county building to apply for food stamps, talk about blacks everyplace. Not only domestic blacks but the imported one too. refugees the churches brought in from Africa to "Save" I was glad to get out of that place. Talk about NWA...Oh my.

    1. Rob - I don't mind goign to our court house but the damned health departments are never good. It's like they embody every aspect of Liberal/Progressive/Feminist ideology I hate all in one building.

  2. Well, after reading this I don't feel so badly about being asked to leave the post office this week. I offered some constructive criticism of some of their inane activities at the counter and had a similar chilly reception.

    1. Harry - OH don't get me started about the post office. Somewhere I had a rant about them. It may have gotten deleted witht he purge but damn...

  3. For God's sake don't ever, ever, EVER go back to work! DON'T DO IT! The workplace is made for women these days. They wanted it. LET THEM DO IT!

    Seriously, the workplace is no place for men. Find other things to do that make you money. The absolute LAST THING you come to should involve birth certificate, SS, blah blah blah and blah blah blah. And at that time it should be ONLY WHEN YOU ARE IN THE CAMPS.

    Put up a donate button for God's sakes, and if you get extra dole it out. No white man should ever, ever, ever have to submit to the system like that again. PERIOD. You've got more skills than all of DC combined. Make them COME AND GET IT. AND PROSPECTIVE DOUCHE BAG EMPLOYERS AS WELL!!!

    MOLON LABE our SS number, birth certificate, time, life, bees, honey, firewood, tractor, etc… That's for the FEMOCRATS!!


    1. I think that was a drunken rant to myself -- I'm deathly afraid of having to go back to work.

    2. NL - Hah I hear ya. The position I am taking is part time and it's a pretty easy job really with out anyone standing over you or coming up with other stuff for you to do. Pretty much a one thing only job that can be enjoyable actually.

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  5. OH, I really needed a laugh this morning, and you delivered!

  6. Those people will be talking about the day a man came into their office for a long time.
    Wait until you get to work, I had to take two sexual harassment training videos and tests. After they were over they asked if I had any questions and I said "how come it is always herassment and never hisassment?" I some how passed.

    1. Sf - I had to watch a video that covered som of that last night. One thing good about this job is there is almost no contact with others at all.

  7. PP,
    Way to go PP!!!!

    Your post, made me laugh because I knew exactly what you're talking about. I hate dealing with government employees who would rather have a detailed conversation to employees than help customers.

    1. Sandy - And yet ya know they worked hard for their money and pensions don't ya know...

  8. I about died when you said you had to go to the health department! I knew this would be good!!!!! Glad you made it back home, lol!!!!

    1. Kelly - I kept telling myself the entire way in.... Be nice.... don't say anything....

      I was channeling my wife to help me get through it.


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