Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mid-Week Update

No the snow is gone now even from the shaded spots but I didn't want to just put a picture of my newest empty stand up either so I reused this one.

With my new stand I built this morning down the road at the Old Guy's Orchard I now have room for 11 new hives this Spring and Summer. I went down and leveled out the spot for the concrete block footers and placed the support beans this morning and it was a good day to do it too. We had a bit of rain last night and the ground was just perfect for leveling out.

I went down and checked on my drain pipe last night and it was working but I am getting a bit of leakage around the top where the pipe fits into the black reducer thing. Not sure how I am going to fix that or if it is even enough leakage to worry about.

After setting up the new hive stand I headed back thinking I would work some more on the fence line tear down but I really decided I just wasn't up for another day of being buffeted by 40 MPH winds.

The wind damage around the place has been a bit more prevalent than usual this year but luckily I haven't had any metal from the barn roof peal back yet. I have already had to fix some loose shingles on the house though and tighten up a walk in door on the barn that got caught flopping in the wind and almost torn off it's hinges. Honestly if it wasn't for this constant wind we been getting the last week or so the temperatures would be quite nice, but that wind will cut right through ya.

So far things are right on schedule however. I have all the new hive stand additions built now along with enough wooden ware ready to go in case of early swarms.  Plenty of swarm traps ready and waiting and 76 new tomato seedlings growing in their trays. The peppers had another bad sprouting year and only managed to push up four out of fifteen but I have gotten used to that because it seems to happen every other year or so.

The wife has a bunch of frivolous flower seedlings taking up room as well but I ignore them. Her cats seem to like chewing on them more than my useful plants so they do serve some purpose.

Guess I will go out to the shop and paint some more bee hives since it's rainy and windy as usual.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. The wind has been horrific here as well. I went around yesterday and picked up six shakes that came off the roof. I'm only going to replace them if my wife comes home on Friday. Can't take the risk of plummeting off the roof since she isn't calling me every night to see if I am still alive right now.

  2. Some wind here but more of a bother than tearing up anything. I guess you could seal that pipe connection but it is strange that it would leak like that unless there is more water than the pipe can handle but that is hard to believe. Those bees will start getting their numbers up soon and flying everywhere.

  3. It's been windy here! The temps are nice but I still wear a hat to keep the wind out of my ears. I hope I catch a swarm. The place I went to yesterday to buy supplies talked me out of a bee suit. I came home with a hat and veil. I think I'm going to Goodwill and find something to make me a homemade suit :)

  4. PP,
    Be careful working out in that wind. It's terrible here too. I was running after our trash, and I still need to check the shingles on the roof.
    It's great to hear you getting out more bee hives in your neighbors orchard.
    Can you use silicon RTV on your connector for the hose?

  5. "Man does not live by bread alone."

    "a bunch of frivolous flower seedlings taking up room".....typical unenlightened redneck man :-)
    Will your Mrs. ever be able to civilize you?

    Not only does a bed of well kept flowers feed the spirit. But they also are the mark of a household that has moved beyond mere subsistence farming. *wink*

  6. One idea about the septic tank learned while working in the Home Improvement Dept at Sears. Dump 10 lbs of inexpensive sugar in the tank. This promotes the growth of the good bacteria that takes care of the "nasties" much cheaper than the honey wagon or digging out.


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